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Senegal - Dakar

Today, KEDGE Business School has more than 74,000 alumni on all 5 continents. Our mission: to stimulate and energise the network anywhere our alumni are located through professional clubs and branches abroad. 


Sénégal - Dakar

Previous events

  1. Friday 11th March
    The meetings in Dakar are back!

    Attention Kedgers of Dakar !  Our branch hosts, Seynabou Ndiaye (Class of 2009) and Mamadou Thiaw (Class of 2014) have the pleasure of inviting you to the first get-together of the year for the Kedgers of Dakar!  Alice Bellia...

  1. Tuesday 5th October
    Afterwork in Dakar

    Attentional all Kedgers and former Kedgers in Dakar! Our branch hosts, Seynabou Ndiaye, 2009 graduate and Mamadou Thiaw, 2014 graduate, are pleased to invite you to a special meeting with the members of the management of your...

  1. Friday 13th December
    Graduates' evening in Dakar

    Attention Kedge graduates in Dakar! A new Kedgers branch has opened in Dakar, under the impetus of two graduates, Seynabou BA and Mamadou THIAW. Seynabou BA, a 2009 graduate, and Mamadou THIAW, a 2014 graduate, assisted by ...

  1. Thursday 5th September
    Afterwork in Dakar

    Attention Dakar graduates! Tashina Giraud, Director of Operations and International Relations at Kedge, will be in Dakar on September 5 and 6. She'll be delighted to chat with our Dakar graduates, and invites Kedgers to meet...

  1. Saturday 31st March to Monday 30th November

    "The years of student life are some of the best. To perpetuate all the good times we had at Bem, I invite you to join our new Dakar branch. Whether you're an expat, a permanent resident or just passing through, we'll help you...