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Canada - Vancouver

Today, KEDGE Business School has more than 74,000 alumni on all 5 continents. Our mission: to stimulate and energise the network anywhere our alumni are located through professional clubs and branches abroad. 

Canada - Vancouver

Previous events

  1. Thursday 24th November
    Autumn afterwork in Vancouver!

    As autumn settles in Vancouver, it's time to get together for a good time! Your branch manager, JohannaHarvel, is pleased to invite you toyour local branch's next afterwork ! 🍻 📆 Mark your calendars, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24,...

  1. Thursday 12th May
    Afterwork in Vancouver

    Hello graduates of Vancouver! After the successful launch of our local branch managed by Johanna HARVEL (Class of 2013) last 22 September, a new get-together has been organised for Kedgers to celebrate the arrival of nice...

  1. Wednesday 22nd September
    Afterwork in Vancouver

    Attention Kedgers of Vancouver!  We’re finally able to revive the great event that we had to postpone last year due to the pandemic! Canada is getting its 2nd KEDGE Alumni Branch, thanks to Johanna Harvel, a 2013 Alumna who...

  1. Wednesday 25th March
    Afterwork in Madrid

    Attention Kedgers of Madrid!  Spain has just been endowed with a 2nd Alumni Branch, thanks to Panthéa Arjmandi, Class of 2013, who is inviting the Kedgers of Madrid (and those passing through) to come and celebrate at its...