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Solid'Earth, 16 years of solidarity action at KEDGE Bordeaux

Created in 2004, the student association Solid'Earth is the benchmark in terms of actions in the service of sustainable development and civic commitment at KEDGE Bordeaux.

Solidarity, the association's motto

Those who studied on our Marseille campus will be more familiar with the name Unis'Terre, which was its Marseille equivalent. In Bordeaux, Solid’Earth has nearly 70 members, which makes it the largest association on campus. For our oldest members, the association was once called Horizons or Equiterre. Its volunteers are all split into two complementary centres.

The Local Centre

This centre aims to raise awareness not only among our students, but also among the people of Bordeaux about crucial issues in our society, such as related to disability, responsible consumption, serious illnesses, and ethical fashion.

"For example, we have a project that awards the Ecofest label for events that meet specific environmental criteria (reduction of packaging, distance travelled, waste recycling, etc.)," explained Aristide Masnyou, Association President." This year we also want to launch a comprehensive immersion project in sustainable development issues. This will take place in the middle of nature for an entire weekend and will invite about a hundred students from Bordeaux".

The International Centre

This centre has five projects whose objectives are to make the assisted individuals gain autonomy. The aid, whether financial, in-kind, or in skills, allows us to respond to various vital issues that directly affect certain populations: access to drinking water, lack of food, the creation of after-school centres, the development of women's entrepreneurship, the construction of sustainable housing, etc. The members of these projects go to the site each year for three weeks, after working hand in hand with their local partners throughout the year, allowing them to better understand their needs. All of these projects respond in a complementary way to the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDO), set by the UN in 2015.



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Full of ideas

"Today we want to give a more significant dimension to our association, especially in the Bordeaux region," explained Aristide." To do this, we want to organise a conference on what it means to be involved in international solidarity. Everyone in Bordeaux will, of course, be invited! In addition, we’re working on another project that will let the association’s members finance their own projects in an innovative way. We want to create an "interim centre" in partnership with those companies that work in sustainable development or that have a social responsibility mission. The object of this partnership is to offer various activities (leaflets, advice, etc.) to Solid'Earth members and to donate 1/3 of the salary to the student's associative project. If you work in the associative sector, in an NGO, or if you wish to help us in our approach, then your help will always be welcome!”



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