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Created by 2 kedgers, Waekura is a success and can be found at Topshop

Mélissa ARTIS (ESC 2018) began her own line of jewellery a few years ago. She was then joined by Philip DAHLEN (also ESC 2018), who is now a partner.

Before attending KEDGE, Mélissa received degree in applied economics at the Sorbonne. She was absolutely not in her element, so she began selling her first jewellery pieces to friends, then friends of friends, until she many orders and successes. Melissa decided to attend Kedge Business School (ESC) to study disciplines that are in sync with her professional expectations.

During her first break, the young designer did a 6-month internship at l’Oréal where her supervisor gave her authorisation to work on her brand. From that moment on, Mélissa devoted herself entirely to her project. She finds workshops and rethinks all marketing and product placement. "My experience at l'Oréal was quite special, and motivated me even more to work on something that is close to my heart,” she explained.


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With Waekura, Mélissa wanted to create a new feminine brand, gold- and silver-plated jewellery that resists everything, and is affordably priced. While at school, she met Philip DAHLEN (also ESC class of 2018) who offered to help her redo her site and change its platform.

"We redid everything based on a new graphic charter. As soon as everything was ready and our collection was put online, we invested in marketing, and then packaging. Finally, in April 2018, our first virtual shop was created,” said Melissa. 

Today, Mélissa and Philip are partners. Philip takes care of all logistics, the internet site, and after-sale services. Thanks to him, packages are delivered to clients within three days.  As for Melissa, she is in charge of all the marketing, communications, and the production of jewellery and new collections. “It’s work 7 days a week, and almost around the clock, but we don’t regret the investment! Currently, we sell in France and internationally, and a Waekura shop will open in the marais. We have a large following on social networks and we open pop-up kiosks every month.  We currently have team of seven! Finally, as from the 1st of February, we will be sold in a Parisian high street shop,” the partners are delighted to say.




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Une publication partagée par 𝗪𝗔𝗘𝗞𝗨𝗥𝗔 (@waekura) le


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