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Webinar: Expatriation to Canada on a buyer's mission

KLB Group x KEDGE are pleased to invite you to this webinar dedicated to the VIE in Canada: Get ready to broaden your horizons!

Take part in this webinar dedicated to VIE in Canada, in partnership with KLB Group, highlighting opportunities on buyer assignments.

Whether you're planning to go abroad for your first professional experience, or you're simply curious to find out more about the opportunities offered by the country, this webinar is for you!


During this online event, we'll cover a number of essential topics to help you prepare for your trip to Canada:

  • Practical advice on administrative procedures,
  • Key facts about the country's culture, cost of living and local customs.
  • What's more,we'll explore the current opportunities offered by our partner KLB Group. A company within which a fine KEDGE ALUMNI community has developed over the past few years.

Our speakers :

They will be delighted to share their experiences, successes and challenges with you, giving you a unique perspective on the benefits and challenges of this international professional experience.


In Visio

From 6 p.m.

In French

Don't miss this opportunity for professional and personal enrichment!

Join us for this webinar and discover how to best prepare for a successful VIE experience in Canada.


We look forward to seeing you at this exceptional webinar on VIE in Canada.

Get ready to broaden your horizons and seize fantastic professional opportunities abroad!




Event in collaboration with KLB Group

  • Free

Registration deadline : 30th October 2023

Registration closed

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