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The 3 stages in the life of a company: how to surround yourself with the right people.

Hybrid conference – in-person on the Marseille campus and live-streamed

Dear Alumni and entrepreneurs,

KEDGE BS and the APIA network are pleased to invite you to a conference on:

"The 3 Stages in the Life of a Company:
how to surround yourself with the right people."
This conference is scheduled for
Tuesday 29 March 2022 at 7:00 pm
on the Marseille campus* (in amphitheatre B)
and will be simultaneously streamed live
This conference gives you the chance to hear from experts and directors on how important it is to surround yourself with the right people during the three key stages of a company:
creation, raising funds, and transfer.
Georges KLENKLE, President of KEDGE BS ALUMNI, President of EUGEKA, and
Co-Founder of FREEMIUMPLAY; and
Christophe MOUYSSET, Director of Corporate Relations at KEDGE BS,
will have the pleasure of welcoming to this round table:


  • Olivier COCHETEUX: President and Co-founder, CroisSensE
  • Olivier GILLOT: Private equity consultant
  • Stéphanie LE BEUZE: Independent Director/CEO of Scient
  • Olivier DIEHL: President, APIA Méditerranée
  • Cécile DELEUZE-SERRUS: President, OPTIMETRIE/ Elected  Member CCIAMP
  • Antoine LEPILLEUR: Board Member/Independent Director

There will be time for discussions between the speakers and the participants at the end of the conference.

You can find more information on the speakers at the bottom of this page.



Please be sure to indicate if you will be participating live or online when you are registering. 


* A health pass is required to enter the campus grounds. We also ask that you wear your mask while on the premises.


  • Free


Registration deadline : 29th March 2022

Registration closed


  • Olivier COCHETEUX
    President/Co-founder of CroisSensE

     A Serial Entrepreneur since 22, Olivier has always created businesses with innovative disruptive activities in mature markets from scratch. In particular, he founded the 2is group in 1988, which was a pioneer in the outsourcing of distributed IT systems for major banking groups. The company grew rapidly (€70M/700 employees) and, after a joint venture with BNP-Paribas and Atos, he transferred the company to Atos remaining to manage it for several years. In 2011, with the participation of several private investors and investment funds, he created TWIDO, another disruptive innovation start-up that designs, produces, and develops domestic hot water boilers that have a positive environmental impact. Olivier is currently the Founding President of CroisSensE, a company that supports a societal project focussing on the organic development of companies and their teams through disruptive strategic, operational, and financial consulting. He has been a member of APIA since 2008.

    Linkedin :
  • Olivier GILLOT
    Private Equity Consultant

    I fell into the private equity profession at the age of 24, and co-founded and managed Finadvance - one of the pioneers of capital investment - at the age of 31. I've served as a fund representative investing in SMEs in the South-East of France as both a minority and majority shareholder. I endeavoured to be both accommodating and demanding with company directors, and welcoming to the Board's independent directors. In fact, I myself have benefited from the advice of independent directors during over 20 years I spent on the Board of Finadvance. After working a few years at A Plus Finance (with which Finadvance merged in 2016) ), I joined APIA in 2020 to put my experience as a director at the service of SMEs.

    Linkedin :
  • Stéphanie LE BEUZE
    Independent Director / CEO - Scient

    Stéphanie Le Beuze founded Scient, a company that specialises in digitalisation and data science (AI). It grew rapidly, with more than 40 employees in just two years. Prior to founding Scient, she worked for more than 10 years in investment banking (structured and real estate finance, risk management). She also founded Carmine Capital (a consulting agency that specialises in fundraising and mergers and acquisitions) and two other start-ups in the field of sustainable development. Stéphanie has served on the board of several private equity companies and currently serves as an Independent Director of HiPay, a fintech listed on Euronext. Stéphanie is a graduate of ESCP (2001 France - UK - Germany) and MIT Soane (Artificial Intelligence).

    Linkedin :
  • Olivier DIEHL
    President of APIA Méditerranée

    Having served as President of several companies in France, USA, and Switzerland, Olivier has extensive experience as an international manager and director in B2B and B2C service companies, including DHL, Geopost Americas, Barnes Group Europe, and SNCM. He complemented his profile by obtaining an IFA certificate from Science Po as an independent director so that he could become a non-executive board member. Olivier is particularly interested in assisting the managers of start-ups, SMEs, ETIs, and associations in various networks, where he puts his experience as a business leader at their disposal, including in how to manage change in complex situations. He’s an Independent Director of various strategic committees in family-owned SMEs and SMIs and businesses. He’s been an APIA member since 2016, and President of the APIA Mediterranean Region, which he created in 2021.

    Linkedin :
    President OPTIMETRIE - Elected CCIAMP

    Cécile DELEUZE-SERRUS founded the OPTIMETRIE Group more than 10 years ago, and now has a staff of 70. Its activities relate to the improvement of existing buildings in terms of use for everyone. As an entrepreneur, she has worked through the different stages of a company's creation and development, including the entry and exit loads of an investment fund and external growth operations. Cécile has complemented her experience as a company president with an IFA certificate from Sciences Po. She is also a member of APIA Méditerranée with Olivier DIEHL, and sits on the Board of Directors of the International Piano Festival of La Roque d'Anthéron. Finally, Cécile was elected to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aix Marseille Provence in 2021.

    Linkedin :
  • Antoine LEPILLEUR
    Board Member – Independent Director

    Antoine LEPILLEUR has worked for 20 years in the agricultural equipment sector. He managed a specialised subsidiary whilst serving as a Director of the Richel Group, and then became Co-Director of the same company. In this latter role, he answered to a supervisory board that has an independent director who ensured the intergenerational link in the framework of family succession. Antoine is an agricultural engineer (AgroSup Dijon) and holds an MBA from IPADE (Mexico)

    Linkedin :

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