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Grow without stress: mental load, emotions... how to make them allies for your projects.

KEDGE Alumni Employment Workshops

Although we can't avoid the stress, mental load (or overload), and emotions that come our way, especially during in times of change (looking for a job, changing jobs, changes in lifestyle, launching a freelance activity or a business...), we can learn to manage these situations and even turn them into positive assets. This is what we will learn through a simple, results-oriented self-directed coaching method. 

Interactive workshop using a pragmatic method and techniques that can be immediately employed! 

Option: You can also receive 1 hour of individual and personalised coaching with our coach following this workshop.

 ⚙️ Format and practical information


Graduates looking for a job

Group workshop
+ optional 1h  individual coaching
Visio conference

The day before the workshop, you will receive a link that will allow you to connect to the workshop.

⚠️ Be sure to verify that your contact details are up to date on your profile
to facilitate contact between you and the coach ⚠️ 


Attention, any session that is cancelled with less than 48-hour notice will be forfeited.

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For Céline, the purpose of the KEDGE Alumni Employment Workshops is to share 26 years of 360° career mobility consulting experience to your benefit!

HR consultant, instructor and coach, and entrepreneur for 12 years, Céline draws on her experience in both career mobility consulting and as an HR manager.

Céline is also a firm believer in the strength of professional networks and has been very involved in different economic networks for the past 15 years as a volunteer project and team manager.


📌 Rates





15 €
30 €

35 € / hour

70 € / hour

All workshops are interactive, adapted for small groups, confidential, and are not recorded. Pre- and post-workshop materials will be sent to participants.


  • 15 €

    Dues-paying member
  • 30 €

    Non-dues-paying member
It remains 7 spots

Registration deadline : 15th May 2023

Registration closed

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