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Mentor a student when you're a KEDGE graduate – how do both parties benefit?

Get feedback from our graduates and students who've mentored/been mentored.

Become a mentor, as Laurence did!

"By becoming a mentor on My Job Glasses, I gave life to a cause that was close to my heart: helping young people in their #orientation by giving them the advice I would’ve liked to receive when I was their age. Since then, I’ve helped many young people and I still draw fulfilment from our discussions...".

Are you familiar with MyJobGlasses, a fun, interactive and highly professional platform for connecting students and graduates?

More than 2,000 Kedgers graduates have been attracted to the site and the students are impressed. We need mentors, in France or abroad, and we count on you to mobilise them for your school.

Come and share the feedback from our mentors and mentees, as well as enjoy the presentation by one of the co-founders of MyJobGlasses.

...I'm speaking today to encourage the entire network to join me in this project. Devoting a few minutes to young people, who are particularly affected by the health crisis, allows them to broaden their perspectives and to approach their entry into the professional world with less anxiety. These days, it's the little extras that can make all the difference".

You too can become part of our network of mentors!


Whether you’re in France or abroad, this platform is for everyone. Be a part of this mentoring approach that guides, aids, encourages, and supports young people.

We are offering an hour of listening, an hour of discussions,
testimonials, and a presentation of MyJobGlasses






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Registration deadline : 7th April 2021

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