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Living and working in Toronto or Montreal

As part of our monthly "KEDGE Alumni Around the World" conference series, two graduates living in Montreal and two living in Toronto tell us about their experiences.

Introduction 👋

Because of the current global health crisis, the 57 international branches of KEDGE Alumni have had to adapt. So this year they are holding a series of conferences that put the spotlight on a city, a country, or a region of the world. This time we look at the cities of Montreal and Toronto from the perspective of those who know it best: our expatriate graduates who receive support from KEDGE Alumni throughout the year, despite living far away, thanks to our range of online services.




Conference objectives 🧭️

Led by the KEDGE Alumni teams, together with the students of the Kedger Network Association, branch managers, and local graduates, this interactive conference strives to bring our graduates and students closer together and answers the questions of those Kedgers who are curious about living abroad.

Who's this online conference for? 👤

This conference is open to all Kedgers, whether a graduate or a student, as well as the entire KEDGE community (partners, teachers, staff, etc.) and anyone else interested in the topic. Do you dream about moving to Montreal or Toronto, attending a partner university, or living abroad? Then this conference is for you!

Programme 📝

  • Two major Canadian cities – one French-speaking and cosmopolitan, and the other English-speaking and “New York-ish". Between Montreal and Toronto, which would you choose? 

  • Introduction by the KEDGE Alumni network
  • Discussions with Alumni living in Canada - what you need to know before choosing to live, whether temporarily or permanently, in Toronto or Montreal. 
- QUALITY OF LIFE/LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Universities, accommodation, the health system, transport, cultural spots, etc.
- INTERNSHIPS/EMPLOYMENT/ECONOMY: The job market, major companies, start-ups, promising sectors, professional opportunities, contracts, agreements, salaries, internships internship, VIE, and expatriate contracts.
- And good tips!
  • Questions / Answers

 Conference begins at 12:30 pm Canadian time / 6:30 pm French time


Useful links 📎



Conference led by students of the Kedger Network Association

Kedger Network is the school’s sports and cultural events association. More than just an events association, its team has a key asset: it brings together students and professionals. This helps meet the main challenge of any newcomer to a business school, which is to know what makes up the network. Created in March 2015, this young and dynamic association has seen its projects grow and develop from year to year.


  • Free

Registration deadline : 22nd March 2021

Registration closed


  • Tanguy NGUYEN
    Market Manager - Canada - VALRHONA

    A 2018 graduate, Tanguy decided to move to North America - from Miami to Toronto via New York - as soon as he left school. A foodie with an instinct for sales, he turned to the food industry where he held various positions at Nespresso, Kusmi Tea, and Business France, as well as at Innocent and Valrhona, two B-Corp certified companies (a certification that distinguishes the most socially and environmentally committed companies). He is currently Market Manager - Canada at Valrhona where his job is to inspire chefs and deploy the chocolate brand across the country. Tanguy is very involved in the life of the French who live in Toronto. He organised "Toronto Express", a race based on the model of the show Pékin Express, with the goal of bringing together Francophones living in Ontario He also established and manages the local branch for Toronto Kedgers.

    Linkedin :

    After graduating in 2009, David founded Lock Sourcing Limited, a company that specialises in the manufacture of “white label” products and selling them on Amazon. After selling on Amazon for that more than 10, Lock Sourcing sells approximately 30 items in different 11 countries located on 3 continents. With this knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem, in 2017 David launched is a SaaS application with more than eight features designed to help sellers on Amazon increase their profits and save time through big data analysis and process automation. Born in London, David lived in Marseille (2 years), Shanghai (4 years), and New York (6 months) before moving to Canada in 2015. He lived in Ottawa for 2 years and Toronto for 3 years.

    Linkedin :
  • Gwendoline DUVAL
    General Manager - PROFESSION VOYAGES

    Gwendoline graduated from KEDGE in 2010 and quickly went on to specialise in the tourism and travel industry. In 2015, she moved to Canada, where she has continued to work in that field. She began her career in French Guiana and the metropolitan France area working as a tourism research officer for two tourism engineering company. Attracted to both the hotel industry and Quebec, she went to work as a trade marketing specialist for Club Med Canada at its offices in Montreal. With her expertise in the travel industry, she was hired to contribute to the development of Profession Voyages, the Quebec subsidiary of Travelweek, a Canadian B2B media group that specialised in travel for professionals. At Profession Voyages, she worked first as an editor, then marketing specialist, before becoming editor-in-chief and taking over the management of the subsidiary in 2019. In addition to her duties at Profession Voyages, Gwendoline has also been working as a communications and marketing consultant since 2017. Her clients are destinations, hotels, and tourism operators located around the world who wish to develop their activities in Quebec. Gwendoline took part in the creation and management of the KEDGE Alumni branch for Montreal Kedgers since 2016.

    Linkedin :
  • Sylvain LUMBROSO
    COO - Edoki Academy / Studio 7 Académie

    A1998 graduate, Sylvain is one of those visionary business creators with multiple successes. He began his career as a journalist at Prisma Media and became an academy prize winner in 1999. Along with Emmanuel Guyot (Class of 1998), he founded Mobivillage (now Docomo Digital) in 2000. That company went on to become a pioneer in mobile internet and was eventually bought by the Japanese group For-side in 2004. That successful venture was followed by the creation of Digitick, a French company specialising in the distribution of tickets for shows and other events. Ranked amongst the top three in the industry, Digitick was bought out by Vivendi in 2010. Currently, Sylvain is COO of Edoki Academy which he created with Emmanuel Guyot in 2016, and which was the result of a merger between Edoki and Seven Academy (also founded by the duo). Edoki Academy is an educational apps start-up based on Montessori educational approaches.

    Linkedin :

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