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"Living and working in Dubai - our graduates tell all"

As part of our monthly "KEDGE Alumni Around the World" conference series, three graduates living in Dubai tell us about their experiences

Introduction 👋

Today, it’s the city of Dubai’s turn to be studied and reported on by those who know it best: our expatriate graduates who, despite the distance, receive support from KEDGE Alumni throughout the year thanks to our range of online services.



Conference objectives🧭️

Run by our branch hosts, on-site alumni, and the teams of KEDGE Alumni, and in association with the members of the student association Forum Events, this participative conference strives to bring our graduates and students closer together, while answering the questions of Kedgers who are curious about living and working abroad.

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Who's this online conference for? 👤

This conference is open to all Kedgers, whether they be graduates or students, as well as the entire KEDGE community (partners, teachers, staff, etc.), and anyone else interested in the topic. Have you dreamed about doing an internship abroad, attending a partner university, or living abroad? Then this conference is for you!

Programme 📝

  • Dubai: A futuristic city. At the crossroads of continents, it lies between the hot dunes of the desert and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf. Dubai cannot be described without mentioning its skyline. The roofs of the skyscrapers make up the modern panorama of the city’s skyline ... would you like to know more?
  • Introduction by KEDGE Alumni
    • Conversations and discussions with Alumni living in Dubai: what you need to know before deciding to live, whether temporarily or permanently, in Dubai 
  • QUALITY OF LIFE/LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Universities, accommodation, the healthcare system, transport, cultural spots, etc.
  • INTERNSHIPS/EMPLOYMENT/ECONOMY: The job market, major companies, promising sectors, professional opportunities, contracts, agreements, salaries, good advice for finding an internship, a VIE, and employment contracts when you are an expatriate, etc.
  • And other helpful tips! 
    • Questions and answers


Conference begins at 6:00 pm!


Useful links 📎



  • Conference led by a student from the Forum Events Association

    Since 1997, the Forum Events Association has promoted culture, current events, and debate on the KEDGE Business School campus in Bordeaux by organising free conferences in collaboration with prestigious speakers.

    Forum Events also publishes the Forum, a student newspaper that analyses and breaks down current issues that influence society and the life of the school.

    The Association also manages several Pro-Acts that focus on contemporary issues, such as politics, the economy, CSR, culture, and public speaking.

  • Free

Registration deadline : 4th April 2022

Registration closed


  • Philippe BLOUIN
    Project Coordinator - Omnicom Media Group

    Five years after starting at KEDGE Business School and two Masters later, Philippe is about to graduate - in July 2022. He first entered the Grande Ecole Master's programme and then completed an MSc in Marketing, Brand Management and Customer Experience which was taught entirely in English.

    His involvement in numerous projects at KEDGE allowed him to develop skills that are not taught in the classroom (soft skills), as well as helped him find his first internship.

    After completing a first Year Away internship in Paris at the events and communications agency Auditoire (Omnicom Group), Phillipe then flew to Dubai to do a second Year Away internship, still with Auditoire. With the internship interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic just one month after his arrival, he decided to return to Dubai for his end-of-study internship to complete the experience he had begun.

    Phillipe is still at Auditoire in Dubai as the task he is working on was extended for the needs of a project. He wants to start his career there.

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    Linkedin :
  • Marwa AIFOUTE
    Regional Category Buyer Supply Chain and Industrial Equipments (MEA) - Thales
    Email :
    Linkedin :

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