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Afterwork In Frankfurt

New get-together for the alumni of Frankfurt

Attention Kedgers in Frankfurt!

Our branch in Frankfurt am Main is back in action!

Pierre Turgot, our local host, has organised an evening for Kedgers to meet up and have a good time on
Wednesday, 15 May at 7:00 pm.

Meet at Alex Restaurant, located on the rooftop of Skyline Plaza, with its beautiful decor and huge terrace - the ideal spot for Kedgers to meet others or get back together, as well as to welcome the  newcomers to Frankfort.

We hope that lots of Kedgers will be able to accept Pierre's invitation.

  • * Pay for your own food and drink

Registration deadline : 15th May 2019

Registration closed

About Your Event
Alex Restaurant
Skyline Plaza Strasse
60327 Frankfurt am Main

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