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Participants in our “Public Speaking” workshop give testimonials.

KEDGE Alumni organised new workshops on "Public Speaking" in Paris and Bordeaux. Ideal for those who aren’t always comfortable speaking!

KEDGE BS Alumni held “Public Speaking” workshops between 25 September and 8 October in Paris and Bordeaux. Read what the participants had to say below. 


Caroline: “Simple, efficient, and easy to put into practice! During the three sessions, I quickly gained confidence and learned useful ways of to keep from losing my train of thought. I also understood and learned to speak during a debate or at a meeting. Paul quickly helped us approach the exercises in an uncomplicated way.”

Laure: “A very interactive workshop. Real techniques with many real-life situations. A very attentive coach. I recommend this course.”

Robin: "This workshop helped me clear up many doubts about my ability to speak during meetings, at conferences, etc. It's incredible to see how just a few techniques clearly improve the quality of our speaking! Look, voice, posture: Paul taught us the different methods to not hesitate or stammer in front of an audience! The progress made by the group in only three sessions was impressive!”

Stéphanie: "Varied exercises, kindness and ++ experience of the coach. The method is effective, even if I have to practice over and over again.”

Virgile: “These three workshops are a very good way to improve public speaking. There aren’t too many participants, and there’s a good balance between theory, practice, and assessment. There's really nothing to change.”

The objectives of the "Public Speaking" workshop

For many of us, public speaking is a significant cause of stress. Whether speaking in front of an audience, in a meeting, or during an interview, the task can cause significant anxiety that can make us lose our abilities, especially when it pertains to issues. This workshop will help you to overcome this fear!

The workshop consists of three sessions:

  • 1st session: a diagnosis in which each participant is filmed and their presentations are assessed
  • 2nd session: learning the techniques;
  • 3rd session: applying what you learned (during a pitch, at a meeting, etc.).

Are you interested in participating in a workshop? Please let us know and we can organise a new session as soon as possible.


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