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I am a coach, trainer, and speaker on job search techniques and Personal Branding. I‘ve also authored “Les 6 étapes pour convaincre un recruteur en entretien.” (The six steps to convince a recruiter in an interview.) 

In a nutshell, I’ve coached:

  • +500 students and graduates per year, from French business schools, engineering schools, and universities, including KEDGE Business School, Aix-Marseille University, IAE d'Aix-Marseille, and Faculté d'Avignon.
  • +50 professionals per year in their career transition, job search, career management, professional negotiations, etc.
  • +30 athletes with their career reorientation.
  • +30 training sessions per year for companies, including EDF, Novartis, Sanofi, Mercedes, Surfrider, and the Aix-Marseille Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, I teach public speaking, emotional intelligence, time management, and meeting facilitation. Lastly, I also coach football in Marseille and am involved in cultural, social, and charitable activities

I have always been a strong believer in the power of people behind the performance of companies. I assist leaders, managers, and students in regaining their confidence and leadership skills. This coaching enables you to take concrete and positive actions for your transformation.

My vision of coaching is one of openness, benevolence, commitment, and engagement.

My experience of almost 23 years in financial management combined with a natural human resources sense gives me a pragmatic view of business practices. My approach as a professional coach completes my approach to setting goals and action plans. I graduated from Kedge Business School - Bordeaux in 1998, with a degree in Auditing and Finance, and have been a certified professional coach since 2021.


  • decision-making as to your career orientation
  • entering into the labour market
  • reflecting on your life plan and solving personal problems
  • integrating into a company or taking up a position
  • bouncing back from a difficult situation
  • acquiring a different attitude and asserting yourself with more poise and self-confidence
  • performance-related issues

A certified coach (HEC Executive Coaching) and graduate of a business school, I have over 18 years' experience in the corporate world, including 14 in management positions in major companies in the pharmaceutical and insurance sectors.

Today, I coach women and men on issues such as taking on new roles, leadership, managing relationships with their teams and superiors, and developing potential.
I also offer a leadership program based on self-knowledge.

Committed, sensitive and a good listener, my approach is profoundly at the service of the individual in a spirit of efficiency.

I am a member of EMCC, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I respect their code of ethics.

As a professional coach, I assist students, professionals, and women in developing their talents and their potential. I’ve held operational positions within the United Nations and in major international groups, both in France and abroad.

Often stuck in a demanding (professional and/or personal) situation, seeking the help of a coach can save you time, make you work on your strengths, help you identify your obstacles, and help you take a step back to look at your situation from another angle.


My approach: I offer "tailor-made" solutions to accelerate professional success and fulfilment.

I'm particularly attentive to interculturality, orientation, entrepreneurship, change management, and innovation. Today, I am a Certified Coach Trainer and HR Consultant for public and private organisations as well as individuals in the New Aquitaine region.

I am also an International Coach for the KEDGE BS Alumni Association.

As aCertified Professional Coach, I spent the first 25 years of my career as an HR Director in large public and private organizations, mainly in the luxury and cultural sectors, with particular expertise in the performing arts.

My in-depth knowledge of human resources encompasses areas such as recruitment, social dialogue, salary policy, career management and training.

In 2020, I obtained the state-approved professional certification of Expert Coach, as well as the "Accompagner les transitions professionnelles" certification.

Guided by my desire to share and my taste for challenges, I gave a new meaning to my career a few years ago by embarking on entrepreneurship and putting people at the heart of my business. I now devote all my time and energy tohelping individuals and teams achieve their professional goals, whether they are integrating, taking up a new post or making a career transition.

I currently run a skills assessment practice based in Anglet in the Basque Country. In addition to my professional coaching services, I provide consulting and mentoring services in the field of human resources.

I also provide support as a volunteer for an association that assists executives and young graduates in their job search, career transition or start-up phase.

I'm passionate about what I do and dedicated to helping people reach their full professional potential.

As a certified behavioural agility and neuroscience coach (individual/team coaching), HR consultant (skills assessment, career development, outplacement, group facilitation, co-development, priority management, public speaking, etc.) and certified in MBTI, ComProfiles, TLP, and Codev, I've made my profession a precise and demanding work of art that doesn't allow for improvisation.

The most recent colours I’ve added to my canvas are emotional intelligence "to be more than a guide" for your teams, and behavioural agility "to be more than a manager" for your employees.

Finally, the most beautiful of my colours, which I use in all my coaching (individuals or teams), is the practice of neuroscience: "How to become an ally of the great stranger, your brain".

The more defined your goal, the more structured your action plan becomes. The more you have your sights on the short-, medium- and long-term, the more likely you are to get to where you want to be.

As a trainer and coach for 10 years, and a recruiter for almost 20, I've had experience in a variety of areas: recruitment agencies, sports coaching (sport is my passion), wine, advertising... I've led a thousand lives with one common factor: assisting others

What inspires me is the knowledge that each person has talent and potential to offer and that it's possible to uncover it. I like to apply the approach employed according to the person I'm coaching, because we are all unique. I have a direct and caring approach, both energetic and positive. I enjoy humour very much, the interaction with the other person is always an endless resource for me. I also like to enable the other person to see situations from a new perspective so that they can better appreciate its different aspects. 

I've been trained in positive psychology and the IKIGAï method. This, combined with my experience, allows me to help each person to regain meaning to their ambitions. Success and fulfilment are tied to the pleasure we get from doing things. I like to reconnect people to this feeling so that they can unleash their power and feel at home. 

What I do:

  • I train recruiters, human resources professionals, and managers.
  • I run personal and professional development workshops for students.
  • I provide support for skills assessment, the IKIGAÏ method, VAE, professional positioning, and change management.
  • I lead team building sessions focusing on a common purpose within a team or a company.