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Zoom on Tal Stanislas, a KEDGE Alumnus and co-founder of Agily, a company which aims to become the leading innovation studio in Europe

Tal Stanislas graduated in 2019 and is one of the co-founders of Agily, an innovation studio designed to support new companies looking to transform the industrial landscape through elegant design and innovative technology.

The Agily project studio was founded in 2020 by three partners (Stéphane Paillard, Tal Stanislas, and Jean-François Arbona). Their mission? To support entrepreneurs and companies in developing their products by providing advice on product management, product design, and software engineering. 


Agily works with an internal team of experts in product and software development, as well as an ecosystem of agile partners. It targets both international companies and innovative start-ups. Agily combines product strategy, conception, and software engineering to co-create exceptional digital productions for tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers. 


In less than three years, Agily has already recruited 37 employees and has supported more than 60 clients. The innovation studio is already profitable without any fundraising so far.

Agily is hiring!

Agily was created by techies for techies. We like technical challenges, participating in open-source projects, and developing, imagining, and dreaming. Due to our sustained growth, we are constantly seeking new talent to join us in our venture.

Tal Stanislas’ career background

Agily cofounder Tal Stanislas currently serves as the General Director of the company. He is known for his clear decision-making, business acumen, and empathetic leadership style, which boosts the confidence of his teams and enables them to thrive. Because he also has the technical expertise needed, he can get directly involved in client projects when needed.


After he finished his studies at KEDGE Business School, and before he co-created Agily, Tal had several experiences as an expat, including in China and Canada. He has assisted more than 50 entrepreneurs at Schoolab, a French startup in San Francisco, first as Program Manager  on the Starter incubation program for early-stage startups, then as Start-Up Account Manager for tailor-made acceleration programmes.




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