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Zoom on our coaches: Testimonials - Emmanuel JOLY

Testimonial from one of our Kedgers who received support to advance her career

💬 What she has to say about Emmanuel Joly

"Emmanuel helped me while I was looking to advance my career and apply for a senior-llevel position, which required significant technical and management skills.

Emmanuel helped me identify what my ideal job looked like and that was  in alignment with my values. We worked together on my professional plan (sectors of activity, positions possible, working abroad). I realised that I really wanted in a job to be happy and fulfilled, and what things were non-negotiable



Emmanuel helped me prepare for and we go over all the key steps of the job interview process, such as my presentation of an elevator pitch that allowed me to set myself out from other candidates, answering the HR questions, answering questions from managers and other operational staff, salary negotiation (which was the most difficult part for me). He also taught me how to decipher the attitudes, behaviours, and language of recruiters, which helped me learn how to back out of the recruitment process when toxic people were involved (thankfully this was rare!).


Thanks to Emmanuel, I developed the ability to ask the right questions so I would understand the global parameters of the role, career progressions, the work environment, and the management culture. 


My job search lasted several months. I submitted a lot of applications and had dozens of interviews. It wasn’t always easy, between my job , which was really demanding - my coaching sessions with Emmanuel, and all the interviews. I had to be really organised. When I was feeling a little down, Emmanuel was really supportive. He was always there when I needed his help and support. We went through this period together. It  was a very enriching and positive experience, as well as an important step in my personal development. 


 All my efforts paid off in the end as I just got my dream job! I’m extremely grateful to Emmanuel for all his help and support because it’s thanks to him that my dream is becoming reality. I also asked Emmanuel for his continued support as I start my new job, because the first weeks in a new company are crucial to making sure you are headed in the right direction.  


I would like to thank Emmanuel from the bottom of my heart for everything he has done for me, as well as KEDGE Alumni and all of the people who put together this coaching programme, and who are always available to lend a listening ear to students to answer their questions. A particular shout out to Lola Gouitaa.


If you are looking for a new job or even just want to work on your professional image and employability, I highly recommend you reach out to Emmanuel, who will be happy to support you, as he did for me."



Workshops led by Emmanuel JOLY this year 👩‍🎓

👉Develop your professional network: Learn how to expand and use your network effectively. 

💡Individual coaching: You can also receive individual support from our coaches. Learn more about the available programmes by clicking on the link below.



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