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Yassine and Martin, two KEDGE graduates, have founded Hiver & Thés!

Yassine GAVARIN and Martin LAMOUR, KEDGE Alumni who graduated in 2012 and 2017 respectively, are the founders of this new company in Nantes, which promotes teas and infusions from around the world and their benefits.

Hiver & Thés - the concept: teas from around the world and their health benefits right in your living room

Hiver & Thés offers teas and infusions from all over the world and which are traditionally grown by local producers and growers. Its founders, Yassine Gavarin and Martin Lamour, both graduates of KEDGE’s MAI programme, gave us a snapshot of their young company.

In short, Hiver & Thés offers:

  • High-quality teas from the four corners of the world
  • Completely free of chemical fertilizers and 50% of the range of products certified organic by Ecocert
  • Short distribution channels to control quality and ensure deadlines are respected
  • Fairly paid local partners


Qen Feng delivers the best green tea from China - Tiago furnishes the best Yerba Maté from Brazil
Albert presents the best black tea from Kenya - Ajay offers the best from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)




What’s the difference between a tea and an infusion? What are the benefits of each type of tea? In which region does each type of tea grow? In addition to ordering your next tea experience, you'll learn a lot about the subject! The Hiver & Thés website is a real gold mine!

The company offers products by their health benefits. The teas and infusions it offers have numerous benefits and are the subject of several scientific studies which you can find on the website.  You can also choose products according to their geographical origin. Each infusion and tea offered has its origin in a particular culture (culture in the sense of "society" or "civilisation"). The origins of these teas and infusions go back a few centuries for the most recent and several millennia for the oldest.




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