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With Trenders, one KEDGE graduate is selling store inventory online at rock-bottom prices!

It’s no secret that selling online can be a powerful asset, but some clothing stores haven’t yet caught on to the e-commerce trend. Those retailers are always faced with the same problem at the end of the season: what should be done with unsold inventory when the sales period is over? Antoine Daloz (ESC 2013) saw it as an opportunity and created Trenders to offer a new solution.


During his time at KEDGE Business School, Antoine mainly took courses in marketing, which came to be his professional calling. He later studied abroad in India, a rapidly developing country with an Internet boom. The experience changed him. Antoine graduated in 2013, and the next logical step was to pursue a career in digital marketing. Three years later, he is more passionate than ever. After working for the agencies D-Klik Interactiv and Evolutive Group in Lyon, he went on to work in e-commerce for the website Jardideco. Antoine and two business partners then decided to launch Trenders.

“The idea behind Trenders is to make digital technology more accessible to traditional retailers. We believe that physical clothing and accessories stores should be using the Internet to survive in the future”, explains Antoine.

Beyond that aspect, stores also face another problem: unsold inventory. Most stores are left with unsold inventory and often do not know what to do with it. Trenders provides a simple solution: “We meet with retailers, select certain unsold items and resell them on So buyers are obviously in for a bargain—at least 30% off the original price. We also handle the promotional details (photos) to create the product universe”.

Ralph Lauren, APC, Acne Studios... Trenders lets savvy shoppers find big brand names at unbeatable prices. In the future, Antoine also wants to develop a click-and-collect service based on the same idea, by letting customers pick up items in-store (notably to revive local and city-centre shops).

“My KEDGE Business School education taught me that it’s important to take initiative”, says Antoine. He adds, “Taking initiative is the best way to learn and will be useful throughout your career. Don’t wait, just go for it!” 

With winter sales well under way in France, Trenders should soon see a range of new items—so keep an eye out!


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