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Two Kedgers have launched a site to help financially support local shops during the crisis!

Petitscommerces has just launched a new platform, to help small merchants and local artisans to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Through this new enterprise, merchants can offer customers vouchers that can be used as soon as they reopen. Merchants receive cash immediately without paying any commission. In one week, more than 300 merchants in 70 cities have registered on the site, and have already accumulated more than 10,000 euros in voucher orders.

Since 2017, Petitscommerces’ ( mission has been to promote local shops on the internet. Following the example of several European initiatives, this young Paris-based company, which already has 350 retailers and numerous partner local authorities, decided to launch to help merchants overcome this unprecedented crisis - not only its customers but also all small French retailers and craftsmen.



The website allows consumers to support merchants by purchasing their products or services in the form of vouchers, which can be used as soon as the shops reopen. Therefore, they receive immediate help them pay bills and reduce the fall in their profits. For many shopkeepers and craftsmen, it’s a question of survival.

Free service for merchants

All French independent merchants and craftsmen affected by the crisis can easily register free of charge in just a few minutes. Each merchant has a dedicated page where he or she can offer vouchers of 20, 50 or 100 euros. Every week, merchants are sent the amount of the vouchers sold, minus costs of the platform and banking fees (4%) - without any management commission on this service.

New registrations every hour

Since its launch, more than 100 merchants in 50 towns have registered on ​ They have already accumulated more than 2,000 euros in voucher orders.

"We’ve been receiving new registrations every hour and orders are pouring in from all over France. The momentum of solidarity towards small shopkeepers is impressive. The merchants in your neighbourhood have always been there for you. You can help them now simply by ordering a voucher that can be used all year round!" Jonathan Chelet, the co-founder of Petitscommerces.


About Petitscommerces

Founded by two sons of shopkeepers, Petitscommerces is the first dedicated platform for local shops that helps independent shopkeepers better communicate on the internet and consumers become “consumer actors”.




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