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Two Kedgers found a Marketing & Networking agency

Founded in 2017 by Sara Seghaier and Loïc Vuichard, Losam Agency is based on the firm conviction that the network is the first growth lever for B2B companies!


1️⃣ Tell us what you did after your studies were finished. What positions have you held? What did you learn in those positions?

Our respective paths since we graduated gave us the chance to discover the world of consulting, business clubs, and marketing.  With the strength of these experiences (Deloitte, Ayming, EBG, etc.) that let us familiarise ourselves with the issues of transformations that companies have encountered.  We decided to create a single agency with the ability to: 

  • provide leaders with spaces for sharing and exchange in order to understand these issues and encourage their reflection;
  • and to offer B2B service providers, consulting firms, innovative software publishers, and others to grow their network with these same managers.


2️⃣ What are you doing/what is your situation today? What gave you the idea and why do you want to do what you’re doing today?

We are firmly convinced that a contact network is the main growth lever for B2B companies, thus we have developed a methodology that lets us create a strong relational proximity with a priority target of managers and be integrated upstream of their reflections. Beyond a magic formula, the agency has based its know-how on a high level of quality in the execution of its marketing actions by placing the person at the heart of all initiatives. Our projects are led by former management consultants or managers of clubs or circles of influence. 

The results: the agency has grown from 0 to 30 employees in less than three years, and has more than 60 clients who renew their trust every year. We organise more than 300 events centred around sharing and collaboration. Much more than classic B2B meetings, we give meaning to discussions and obtain concrete results.


3️⃣ What are your development goals for the future?

To satisfy our customers, again and again, to develop new communities, to offer an increasing number of innovative B2B meetings, and to adapt ourselves to all the challenges we face. We plan to do all this while maintaining the spirit and DNA of the close-knit and caring team that characterises Losam!

4️⃣Anything you’d like to add? A message to pass on?

We are recruiting ! From intern to director, going through a project manager in between.


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