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Two KEDGE graduates join forces to create their bag label "Panuma" !

Friendships formed at KEDGE Business School may sometimes become entrepreneurial adventures. This is the case of Cécile and Sofia, two friends who have launched Panuma, their own handbag label.

ESC graduates in 2015, Cécile Delavigne and Sofia El Khyari studied at the Bordeaux campus of Kedge Business School. They were both members of the Arts Bureau where Cécile gave sewing lessons and Sofia taught drawing. Student associations often give rise to a vocation or confirm it.

Cécile and Sofia then took the same master's diploma in Creative Industry management, before taking up internships in the audiovisual industry for Sofia and with the Alliance Française in other countries for Cécile. Finally, with their shared appreciation of art, culture and travel, the idea of setting up their own company outweighed everything else. They decided to join forces and set up Panuma.

Panuma designs bags that showcase the work of artists from varying backgrounds. "It's a project backed by a strong artistic and human commitment," explains Sofia. "What does Panuma want to prove? Quite simply, that people resemble each other, regardless of distance! "

On canvas and leather bags, four artists gave free rein to their imagination to illustrate two suggested themes: "Love" and "The Other". Get ready for your voyage! These artists come from Senegal, Morocco, France and Portugal.

"KEDGE gave us the necessary knowledge and information to set up a company, along with a sense of resourcefulness and the feeling that any project was possible," say the two alumni.

And if, like them, you would like to be an entrepreneur, they have some advice: "Go for it. Don't tell yourself that your project is impossible. With ideas and determination, EVERYTHING is possible! Entrepreneurship is an adventure that lets you push back your own limits. "


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