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The documentary of this Kedger and his surfing company is available on Netflix!

Nicolas Thyebaut, a KEDGE graduate, is the co-founder of Nomads Surfing. The Bordeaux-based company has had the great privilege of having its documentary, which was filmed in the Philippines in 2019, released on the world-famous streaming platform Netflix

The essential

  • NO MAD, a moving documentary on the problems related to the ocean;
  • The Nomads Surfing team goes surfing in the Philippines and contributes towards the conservation of the ocean floor;
  • Released on Netflixon 6 June 2022; 
  • Created in 2017, Nomads Surfing, a young company from Bordeaux, offers surfers an eco-responsible, innovative and efficient alternative.

A moving documentary on the problems related to the ocean: illegal fishing, overfishing, climate change, and surfing... all issues that lead us to reflect and take action. The Philippines, a true jewel of South East Asia, is a country comprising more than 7,000 islands. The way of life of Filipinos is intimately linked to the ocean and its resources upon which the majority of the country's population depends. These resources are now severely threatened by intensive fishing, the use of illegal techniques such as dynamite or cyanide, as well as rising temperatures and the acidification of the ocean, all of which considerably contribute to the rapid destruction of coral. Through this dedicated and shocking documentary, Nomads has once again demonstrated its commitment to the protection of ecosystems to the public.

The marine reserve

The Banua Marine Reserve is located on an island off the coast of Coron, on the west coast of the Philippines. It is home to the Tagbanuas, one of the oldest ethnic groups in the archipelago - direct descendants of the first Filipinos  - whose island lifestyle which is reliant on the ocean makes them an unusual community.


This pristine island has some of the most exceptional tropical flora and fauna in the world. You can see dugongs, turtles, and manta rays among the other underwater treasures that can be found in abundance. But this fragile balance is now being threatened. The Tagbanuas and Scott, the founder of the association, fight every day to protect this sanctuary. The success of their project will determine the future of this jewel.

Surfing a preserved jewel

The Nomads Surfing team came, in tandem with the activities on the reserve, to discover unusual, exclusive, and extraordinary waves. Unfortunately, the capricious weather in the China Sea was the reason for the team's lack of waves during the shooting. Nevertheless, some of the team discovered some beautiful spots and for the first time surfed on some islands.

An acclaimed documentary

The documentary, which has already been shown around the world, was announced as an official selection in many festivals:

  • Best Sustainability Award – Portuguese Surf Film Festival
  • International Freeride Film Festival - Tarbes
  • Festival International du Documentaire Maritime - Bordeaux
  • Smaragdni Eco Film Festival - Croatia
  • Skate Surf Film Festival Milano - Italy
  • Cine Eco Festival – Seia Portugal
  • Surf at Lisbon Film Festival – Portugal
  • Anglet Surf Film Festival – France
  • Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival – Malaysia


About Nomads Surfing :

Nomads Surfing is the brainchild of three friends, Basile, Nicolas, and Thomas, surfing enthusiasts and globetrotters. Conscious of the growing popularity of surfing and the impact of the industry on the planet, particularly with regard to the materials used for surfing (boards, accessories, wetsuits), the founders decided to act on their own level to preserve the environment and the ocean.


Nomads Surfing innovates to create surf and lifestyle products that contribute to the protection of the ocean. The brand offers surfboards with the "eco-board" label and a reduced carbon footprint, surfboard fins made in France from recycled fishing nets (a first in Europe), traction pads, also made in France, from recycled wine corks, and a leash made from used seat belts and wetsuits.


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