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This Kedger has launched Lēmono: the jumpsuit brand for all women!

KEDGE graduate Marine Perrin has just started a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule for the launch of her clothing brand: Lemono.


Marine, a former student of KEDGE on the Marseille campus, has just embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship with the creation of her brand Lēmono: a brand of jumpsuits made for all women of all silhouettes and is 100% body-positive and responsible. 

The "Monos" are modular jumpsuits. With their wrap-around construction, and the ability to wear either in 3/4 or 7/8 lengths, they adapt to all body types. Discover and pre-order "Monos" today on the Ulule platform!


Her goal? To create the first line, then later other collections, of modular, timeless clothing where everyone will find the style that works for them. No matter what her age or body shape, let it be a question of style.

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Une publication partagée par Lēmono (@lemonobrand) le 


"At 4’ 8 ½”, I don’t, by any means, meet the standards of today's major fashion houses. Over the last few years, I have lived in several different countries, and one thing is universal: women are complex. For everything. All the time.

Weight, age, height, skin problems ... everything can be a pretext to compare yourself to others and feel inferior. With Lēmono, I want all women to feel that “Wow” effect that you get when you wear something that suits you and you feel beautiful.

See, a garment is like a second skin, and everyone needs to find the style that works for her. Fashion for all women, in all our lives - it's just a question of style."

Marine Perrin.


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