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This Kedger has launched Klaxo: the “Doctolib” of driving schools!

2015 KEDGE graduate and founder of Klaxo, Evguen Bernat wants to simplify access to getting a driver’s licence by accelerating the sector’s digital transition.


1️⃣ To begin, tell us about your educational background. What did you study, both before and at KEDGE? 

After I graduated from high school in Rodez (Aveyron), I took a preparatory course in Toulouse, then enrolled at KEDGE because of its pioneering side in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and, being attracted very early on to ethical and responsible finance. I did its Master of Management Grande Ecole Programme (PGE).



2️⃣ Tell us what you did after your studies were finished. What positions have you held? What did you learn in those positions? 

I worked in organisational consulting and confess that I learned a lot. And enjoyed it. I stayed there for almost five years! I wanted to help organisations while and growing personally at the same time. As the opportunities in consulting are quite broad, got my feet wet working on many different assignments in the private and public sectors, and which brought a lot to me.

3️⃣ What are you doing/what is your situation today? What gave you the idea and why do you want to do what you’re doing today? 

At the beginning of October, I’m launching a start-up that aims to revolutionise and simplify access to driving licences and mobility through the Klaxo marketplace. One could call it the "Doctolib" of driving schools.

Klaxo helps students get their drivers licence at less cost by organising lessons on their mobile phone. From the app, they can find a driving school according to their budget and availability, book lessons 24/7, and access follow-up lessons online.

For driving schools, Klaxo offers an ultra-simple and intelligent software package that helps them gain digital visibility, save time, and modernise the student experience through online scheduling, automatic reminders, contracts, digital follow-up, booklets, and many other great features. 

I learned the sector through various consultancy assignments and was something that quickly fascinated me because it is tangible and palpable, and because it’s a step towards freedom for people. We all know someone who has failed his licence five times, someone else who got it on the first try and brags about it, someone who always looks at his mirrors. We laugh about the licence exam, sometimes we cry about it, we talk about it at dinner. In short, it's a subject of tension and attention! There are a lot of nice things that can be done with students and driving schools to make this important time simpler and more positive.



4️⃣ What are your development objectives for the future?

The next few months are going to be pretty intense. We’re going to conquer the French market while having a good "product" roadmap to offer new services and improve the lives of students and driving schools. At the same time, we are in contact with Parisian investors and hope to raise funds in 2021 to sustain the growth we are hoping for. And since people get their driving licences all over the world, we want to export our model to continue to simplify the process, and to make this shift towards the freedom that is the licence represents pleasant!

5️⃣ If you were to give advice to any KEDGE graduate who wants to do something similar, what would it be?

Think about enjoying work. After all, you spend a lot of time there. Dare to trust others. Setting up a company takes time and money, so you might as well make it positive and fun!

We sometimes hear people say "we don't learn what we need in school, etc". But from the very first day in started working, I realised that I had learned a lot at KEDGE, including what I believe is the most essential thing - an entrepreneurial spirit. Through the courses, the Pro-Acts, and the associative projects, we are constantly pushed to create, share, and extend ourselves in unforeseen situations. We may not always realise it at the time, including me, but I think that this is clearly what is helps us get started!

6️⃣Anything you’d like to add? A message to pass on?

If you or someone you know wants to take the driver's licence exam, we look forward to seeing you on our website for a launch in early October!



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