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This Kedger has launched her logistics startup during the coronavirus crisis

Lox is the first European platform that allows you to automatically check your transport invoices and optimise your delivery costs.

"Every day 1.3 million parcels are incorrectly billed in Europe."

The current health crisis has not stopped Kedger Anna Rouleau and her two co-founders, Dylan Hirsch and Melvil Donnart, from tackling this issue and launching their entrepreneurial adventure.

"While working at Helloprint, we discovered that all courier services (UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Chronopost, DPD, etc.) incorrectly charge their customers up to 10% of the total delivery costs. Think of lost, delayed, damaged packages - everyone has a story of a delivery that went wrong." Anna, COO of Lox.

Due to the complexity of invoices, the high volume of parcels delivered daily, and a lack of transparency, companies that are dependent upon deliveries find it difficult to reduce their logistics costs. That's why they created Lox, a platform that offers dashboards and rate comparison tools for optimising logistics performance.

After drawing up their business plan at the end of 2019, the three Helloprint employees agreed on a launch date: 1 April 2020. They could not imagine that this date would fall in the middle of a pandemic... 

Since then, the global situation has gotten worse. Teleworking measures have been announced, there’s been mass partial-unemployment, and the beginnings of an economic crisis are taking shape. But the three young entrepreneurs are not giving up. They even see it as an opportunity: 

"We are lucky in the sense that our solution lends itself well to the situation. We offer companies who are dependent upon deliveries a solution to save costs without investing time or money." Anna.

It’s only been two weeks after its launch date but Lox has already signed its first contracts. Between companies that have seen their e-commerce activity explode and those that looking to drastically reduce their costs, their product is perfectly adapted to the situation. 

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