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This Kedger has just launched Fiter, the app that brings together sports enthusiasts near you

A recent KEDGE graduate, Antoine Dessus' goal is to bring together a community of sportsmen and women who want to play their sport or even take up a sport.

At 25 years old and newly graduated from KEDGE, Antoine decided to create Fiter: "I found that it’s sometimes difficult to play sports when you don't know anyone. Sport has an important social aspect in this world where we regularly connect, especially to talk. I dreamed of an app that lists sports enthusiasts near you. That's why I created Fiter! Fiter is designed for athletes and people who are looking for a sports partner close to where they live."

Antoine and Fiter on Europe 1

Qu'est-ce que Fiter ?

To put it simply, it's an app for athletes and others who’d like a partner to play sports with. In 2017, more than 50% of French people played sports at least once a week, and now it’s more than 70%. What’s more, "87% of company executives think that the well-being in the company is achieved through sports". For the moment, only "18% of them actually do it". Fiter wants to play a role in the improvement of well-being in the workplace".


1.     The way Fiter works is simple:

2.     A traditional registration;

3.     A choice of specific sports or any type of sport;

4.     A localisation system to play sports near your home;

5.     A messaging system to communicate with others during the games on Fiter.


The app is available via the following link:


Follow Fiter on Instagram and let me know your feedback!

"The more Fiters (users) there are, the more opportunities there will be to play games. I'm also looking for an investor to further develop the app on Store".


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