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This Kedger has created GLOWER, the first French Gummy to fight against premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.

Glower, the committed French brand co-founded by a Kedger, is on a mission to break the taboos on menstruation and help thousands of women.


FEEL BETTER, is a vitamin-enriched, vegan, and natural "gummy" candy developed in collaboration with a French laboratory by nutrition experts and engineers in the formulation of nutritional products. The "gummies" have been rigorously tested and are the fruit of a skilful blend of active ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness.

Acne, fatigue, mood swings, pain... . So many disabling symptoms that can now be alleviated with a simple candy. Experiencing a more comfortable cycle is possible thanks to  GLOWER !


Where did the idea for GLOWER come from?

Two women from Marseille are behind  GLOWER: Inès, a KEDGE graduate, and her sister Lily. Launched during the first lockdown, the two entrepreneurs realised that they would get irritable as their period was approaching. As there was no formula that helped relieve anxiety and other problems related to their menstrual cycle, they decided to create something themselves.

 “At first we had an Instagram page on which we formed a real community that supported us. When the project was launched, we asked them to participate by choosing a name and packaging so that everyone would feel involved in our approach. That’s how Feel Better came about.”

For a more natural treatment

Developed in a French laboratory, the "gummy" was formulated with the assistance of several experts in nutrition and gynaecology. Based upon reported menstrual symptoms, Glower responds to women's needs in a natural way, with saffron to combat mood swings, zinc to reduce hormonal acne, black caraway to reduce bloating, and vitamin B6 to relieve pain. 

Day after day, the "gummies" gradually reduce premenstrual symptoms thereby making the menstrual experience a more pleasant one.

“This natural alternative should make it possible to avoid having to rely on medication. It also sends out a strong message that women no longer have to endure menstrual symptoms and that they no longer have to resign themselves to suffering.”



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