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This KEDGE alumnus launches Techbiose: the podcast that talks about technological innovation for the ecological transition!

Hosted by Guillaume Baley (class of 2011), Techbiose gives the floor to specialists on high-impact technological innovations. The second episode features Laurent Morel, another KEDGE graduate and founder of Team for the Planet.

KEDGE Alumni is proud to present Techbiose, an innovative podcast launched in June 2023 by Guillaume, a graduate of KEDGE's PGE program.


Seduced by its early positioning around sustainable development, Guillaume joined KEDGE in 2006. After two years in Bordeaux and a gap year in Paris, he completed his exchange program in Bangalore, India. As he explains, this stay had a profound effect on him because, beyond discovering an extraordinary culture and meeting people from the four corners of the world, he became interested in two subjects which, at the time, were in stark contrast. New technologies, by studying in Electronic City near Infosys headquarters. And the environment, by traveling across India and observing pollution on many levels. These two dimensions he now brings together in his podcast Techbiose!


Back in Paris, he began his career in the digital sector, first with an agency, then with the Webhelp group. But it was when he joined the Orange Group that he gradually began to specialize in Innovation Consulting. As part of this experience, he wrote several strategic studies and articles on the relationship between technological innovation and the environment. The idea of creating a podcast on the subject germinates in his mind.


And in June 2023, he finally launched Techbiose, the podcast that raises the question of the role and impact of technological innovation in the ecological transition! Aware that we can't talk about Tech innovation without tackling the subject of generative AI, he decided to test ChatGPT to interview impact innovation pros. The opportunity to understand its added value for productivity, but also its limits and impact on the environment!

Techbiose is a unique podcast that combines technology and the environment to promote ecological transition. It invites listeners to explore the opportunities, challenges and solutions linked to technological innovation in the context of environmental urgency. Join Guillaume and his inspiring guests for a captivating immersion into the world of Techbiose, available on all listening platforms.


The latest episode of Techbiose has just been released, and Guillaume gives the floor to a former KEDGE classmate: Laurent Morel, co-founder of Team for the Planet. In a fascinating discussion, they present the latest innovations financed by Team for the Planet, and discuss a number of aspects of the workings of this mission-driven company, which is going from strength to strength every day!

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