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These KEDGE students organise outings for disadvantaged children, and you can help them!

Focus on Archim'aide, a student association that fights for equal opportunities for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Their project: to bring a group of children to discover the Puy du Fou!

Archim'aide in a few words

Archim’aide is one of KEDGE Bordeaux’s student associations whose objective is to promote equal opportunities for the young people and children of Bordeaux, Talence, Pessac, and other locations, who don’t have access to the resources they are entitled to. The association already provides tutoring at three social centres, one middle school, and two high schools. It also organises free outings, such as a visit to the Cité du Vin, immersion days at Sciences Po, a visit to St Emilion, and others, in order to give them an equally active role regarding their learning.

The team works with disadvantaged youth aged 6 to 20 years. Each year, nearly 180 young people are helped through the commitment of 75 volunteer tutors, and with support of its partners such as the Victor Louis junior high and high schools, Kestler high school, and social centres in Thouars, Saige, and Chataigneraie. Their activities are broken down in three areas:

  • Weekly tutoring: one hour of tutoring once a week,
  • Cultural and sporting outings once a month,
  • Assistance in the choosing a career direction.




The association has about thirty members each year and is organised as follows:

  • The Office: the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.
  • The Soliciting and Events Department: responsible for organising outings, and soliciting snacks and any material goods for high school and high school students. In addition, this department is in charge of fundraising for the association’s activities.
  • The Communication Centre: responsible for promoting outings to young people, promoting the association to recruit tutors from KEDGE Business School, and manage social networks.
  • The Vis'Avenir Centre: responsible for helping young people with their career direction by organising outings to find out about professions (accompaniment to the open doors of schools and universities). Vis'Avenir has its own forum, Cap'Avenir, which supports the diversity of the higher education sectors!
  • The junior high school department: in charge of relations with the faculty and administration of junior high schools, as well as with volunteer tutors.
  • The high school department: in charge of relations with the teaching staff and the administration of high schools, as well as with volunteer tutors.
  • The Grandir Ensemble(Growing Together) cluster: responsible for relations with employees of social centres, as well as with volunteer tutors.

Archi organised an "accrobranche" in April for Victor Louis students 🙌 They were able to...

Published by Archim'aide on Friday, 10 May 2019

Help them with their next project

A trip to Puy du Fou

The essence of this trip is discovery and knowledge. The aim is for students to understand the historical past and the environment through various educational workshops created in partnership with Vendée’s academic inspection. This fun way of teaching promotes the mobilisation of knowledge acquired in their schools and the tutoring that the association provides. The goal is to go back in time and understand how the past influences the present.




What will the funds be used for?

The funds raised will go towards the Puy du Fou trip!

The Puy du Fou trip promises to be a discovery class where students will take part in various workshops based on history, the environment, and French culture. They will learn about history through games and shows, can admire and understand the behaviour of animals, and by extension, environmental problems. Art is also at the centre of the project, and they are introduced to architecture, technique, and equestrian art over two days. These educational trips will take place over two days and one night where schoolboys and escorts will sleep in a cottage and strengthen their relationships. Archim'aide has therefore, in the interest of access to knowledge, decided to take charge of the project and let junior high school students participate for free. In doing so, the association helps to reduce the negative correlation that is emerging between the social situation of college students and their success rate.


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