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The significant impact of graduates on selection processes!

Get involved in admissions panels! As a graduate, your impact is crucial in admissions interviews.

As a graduate, your involvement in admissions interview panels is crucial! Discover the impact and benefits you, as a graduate, can have on the admissions process and on the success of our future students!

💬 Share your personal experience!

As a graduate, you have a unique understanding of what it means to be a student at KEDGE. Sharing your personal experience during interviews can provide a lively and powerful insight into student life at KEDGE.

💪 Develop your leadership skills!

Being a jury member goes beyond evaluating candidates. It's an opportunity to develop your leadership and decision-making skills, by analyzing, debating and playing a key role in the selection process, reinforcing your abilities beyond the academic framework.

🌍 Expand your network and strengthen the alumni community!

By getting involved in juries, you'll have the chance tocome into contact with other graduates and professionals involved. This expands your network, creating opportunities for professional collaboration and strengthening ties within the alumni community .

💡Interviews can be inspired by your professional experience

As graduates, you often have a valuable perspective on the expectations of the job market, and can assess the relevance of candidates' skills to these expectations. This is a real strength when it comes to successful admission interviews.

🤝 Create an instant bond with future students!

When you sit on an admissions panel, an instant bond is created between candidates. This bond fosters a more relaxed environment and encourages future students to express themselves freely. The result is a more complete picture of their personalities and motivations. Your presence makes all the difference!

✨ Become a source of inspiration!

By sharing your post-graduation successes, you're a real source of inspiration for new applicants. This in turn inspires and motivates future students.

Joining an admissions jury is more than just an opportunity; it's an invitation to play a key role in the dynamic evolution of your school. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, while propelling your own professional and personal development. Don't miss this chance to play a decisive role in the success of future students!

🎓 Would you like to be part of the 2024 juries? Get ready!

Registration platform opens February 19 at the latest!

From March 15 to June 15, 2024, immerse yourself in the admissions process and contribute to the future of our student community. Join us for a unique experience where your impact will resonate far beyond the interview rooms. Together, let's build the success of tomorrow's future leaders.


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