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Media spotlight: 7 kedgeuses and kedgers to keep an eye on

✨ Explore the opportunities offered by the world of media, through the exciting journeys of former kedgers and kedgeuses, who have succeeded in this dynamic field: journalism, television, radio, digital platforms and social networks. This article takes you behind the scenes and into decisive moments in their careers.

#1 Johanna Labardin - Directeur Marketing Clients Adjointe - Groupe Les Echos - Le Parisien 🗞️

🎓 After graduating from Kedge Bordeaux in 2003 in the EBP (Franco-German program), I completed my training with a Master 2 at Celsa in Paris. I then built up my career in companies in the publishing and press sectors, in customer marketing.

I joined the Les Echos Le Parisien group at the end of 2018 to manage print and digital subscriptions for the Le Parisien title, first as Marketing Manager, then since 2022 as Deputy Customer Marketing Director. 👏

🚀 I'm responsible for managing the subscriber base, subscriber acquisition and retention. It's a particularly interesting sector because it's very challenging. We're in competition not only with other press titles but also with other media and subscription services like SVOD or music, because we know that households have a limited number of subscriptions for budgetary arbitrage issues. And we need to maintain access to quality information, which is essential for people who have grown up with paper or younger people who have different uses for it.

#2 Quentin Mih, Brand Partnerships Manager eCommerce & Retail - TikTok 📱

🎓 I joined the Grande Ecole course in Marseille in 2015, concluding it in 2019. Professionally, my career path began in 2017 with two internships at Deloitte in Paris, as a Commercial, then at The Walt Disney Company, where I joined the Brand Marketing department dedicated to Star Wars & Marvel. 🎢

With a keen interest in advertising and sales, I decided to join Criteo in Barcelona as anAccount Strategist for an initial 6-month assignment. This experience eventually spanned 3 and a half years, and I returned to Paris where I supported major French and European accounts in their media & omnichannel strategies. 🚀

📱Ensuite, mycareer path continued, and for the past two years I've held the position of Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok. My role is to advise the giants of eCommerce & Retail in their strategies and media & business speak on the app. 👨‍💻

💬 "As the advertising world (especially digital) is constantly evolving, it's an ideal playground for constantly renewing your career."

#3 Anaëlle Confuron, commercial projects manager Benin - Canal + 📺

📱 Graduating from the Programmes Grandes Ecoles with a specialization in Media and Entertainment in 2023, I'm joining the CANAL+ International group as an Africa Business Development Assistant in January 2022. With a strong presence on the African continent with 8 million subscribers in 25 countries through 16 subsidiaries, I want to enrich my experience within the group by developing my operational expertise in subsidiary. 🌍

🤝 In September 2022, as part of an international corporate volunteering program, I will be working for the CANAL+ Benin subsidiary as in charge of commercial projects. My main mission is to deploy all commercial projects aimed at increasing our Canal+ subscriber base. I'm involved in a number of projects: supporting our sales department, structuring our sales partners, launching a new product (new Canal+ connected decoder) or a new after-sales service policy.

🚀 Today, the CANAL+ International group offers us the opportunity to grow within enriching subsidiaries that work to promote increasingly local content. I attended the launch of A+ Bénin, the first 100% Beninese Canal+ channel, and the creation of the first CANAL+ ORIGINAL series shot in Benin, "Black Santiago Club". 🎬

Beyond professional experience, international corporate volunteering allows us to travel the world and learn from inspiring women and men. ✨

#4 Jerome Bigio, Senior Marketing Director, Southeast Asia and Taiwan - Netflix 🎬

🎓 After my MBA, I started my career in the USA, with a consumer electronics company(Lutron electronics) with roles in sales and marketing. I developed the market for them in Spain and Portugal for a few years before joining the TomTom brand at the time of the launch of portable navigation systems and GPS watches to the general public. I was in charge of Marketing for Spain and then for the European markets, which led me to move to Amsterdam to take on responsibilities at the brand's head office.

In 2014 I joined Bose to manage the brand in European markets. 🌏

In 2016, Netflix was developing partnerships with electronics brands (TV, computer, mobile) to facilitate distribution of the service, and so I joined them to manage Marketing partnerships in Europe. 🤝

🚀 For the past 8 years I've held various Marketing positions at Netflix, first in Europe, based in Amsterdam, then in Asia, from Singapore where I've been based for the past 6 years. I find the media industry exciting, changing rapidly with the arrival of streaming and social networks. Working in marketing and promoting films and series offers me such rich material and constant renewal. Creativity is at the heart of the job.✨🎬

#5 Adeila De La Foata, Freelance Press Officer 🎥

📲 My career began at L'Oréal, where I spent nine years working on press relations and digital communications, both on the French and international markets for several of the group's brands. After this enriching experience, I decided to go into entrepreneurship with my husband by opening a pizzeria in Lisbon. This project was a dream for us, a little piece of my beloved city Marseille in the heart of Lisbon. 🍕

👩‍💻 Then, like many others, we were hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Faced with this unprecedented situation, I had to reinvent myself once again, and started freelancing for various companies, including Shiseido, as well as startups such as, Merci Walter, Némes Paris, IAmstrong, AllTheWay, maju, Crack List le jeu, Bonneval, and companies like Ekwateur.

🎥 At the same time, I had the incredible opportunity to become the public relations for the Brut media. Every year, I accompany them during the 15 days of the Cannes Film Festival, working closely with Guillaume Lacroix and Renaud Le Van Kim, the founders of Brut 🎬📸

Press relations is really my passion and I'm a fan of my carefully chosen clients ✨

#6 Pierre Houlgatte, Head of News Development 🗞️

🎓 During my Master's degree at Kedge BS en PGE, in 2013, I joined the Rugby Club Toulonnais (RCT) teams as part of my pro-act, where I managed the club's set-up and development on social networks. On the strength of this success, the club invited me to extend the experience with a training course the following season, the year of the H-Cup/Top 14 double. 🏉

Then, during my gap year, I did my internships at Le Figaro and at Awin (formerly Zanox) in Amsterdam. These two experiences in web marketing enabled me to acquire solid skills in the digital field. In 2016, after an internship at Le Fooding as apartnerships assistant and now a graduate of Kedge BS, I'm back at Le Figaro as content manager. 🗞️

📲 This new job within the media, combines journalism, community management and distribution of editorial content on the various channels on behalf of Figaro Étudiant, Immobilier and Emploi .

🤝 Four years later, I joined Le Figaro's publisher division to develop sales through advertising operations. I initiate revenue sharing with platforms (Snapchat, YouTube) and also support editorial teams to enhance and monetize their productions across different channels. 👏

#7 Vincent Guennec, Project Manager OPS Gaming/ESport - Webedia 🎮

📲 Graduated from an MSc Marketing & Brand Management at KEDGE Business School, during which, I had the opportunity to enter the world of media and entertainment. For my first experience, I had an opportunity at M6 publicité as a TV & Radio marketing researcher, as well as an end-of-studies internship in Sales & Trade Marketing at Warner Bros. 📺

Then, I joined the Webedia group in February 2022 as Project Manager OPS in the gaming and esport sector: briefing, team coordination, delivery quality, margin management etc. 🎮

I work on a daily basis with the biggest players in the video game industry (Activision, Riot Games, PlayStation, Epic Games, etc.) in France and abroad to set up 360° campaigns. I'm very proud to have been able to set up major projects such as La League (Fortnite French Cup with Inoxtag), Blizzcon 2023 with Zerator, Clash of Corps, etc. and to work on esport leagues like the LFL (French League of Legends) on a daily basis. 🏆


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