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The amazing story of two graduates - they met at KEDGE and founded a company together 10 years later!

Aurélien and Alexandre met while studying at the school in 2008/ They graduated in 2012. Today, they are the founders of IKXO, a consulting firm that specialises in Product Management.



Created two years ago, IKXO is a consulting firm specialising in Product Management. Its purpose is to help companies design and improve their digital products by strengthening their product teams. IKXO had a turnover of 1.5 million euros in 2022 and currently has about twenty consultants. The company works with clients of all sizes and in all sectors, including media, transport, energy, real estate, and financial services.


"We created IKXO to create a consulting company on a human scale, with values that are similar to ours: humility, pragmatism, and a sense of teamwork", explained Alexandre Godet. 


"In product management, we often ask for feedback from users. We really want to do the same thing with IKXO and our consultants are very involved in the co-construction of the company", added Aurélien Gaubusseau.


The vision that IKXO promotes is in line with its values. It is pragmatic: "For us, there is not only one way of making a product, there are as many ways of making one as there are companies. Each company has its characteristics, history, and limitations”.


IKXO draws upon these differences and different levels of product maturity, in particular through its Product Club, which is designed for product team managers to share information on managerial issues, such as organisational, governance, methods, management, processes, etc.).

To find out more, listen to the Afternoon podcast of 23 December 2022 with Alexandre Godet

Alexandre, Aurélien, you are both graduates of KEDGE and you co-founded IKXO together. Would you please tell us more about how you met, how you co-created your company and your goals for the future?

Aurélien: We met each other while studying at KEDGE 2008. Gaubusseau, Godet, our names begin with the letter G so we were put in the same section. We immediately hit it off and have been friends since - that's over 10 years. 


Alexandre: Our professional paths crossed in 2015 when Aurélien recruited me for Alten, and we worked in the same team for almost four years. 


Aurélien: Beyond our personal similarities, we realised that we complement each other in our work. That's why we decided to partner up.


Alexandre: Aurélien is in charge of HR, finance, and administration at IKXO, while I manage business and communication issues.


Aurélien: Our goal is to recruit 15 new consultants a year for two years and have 50 employees by the end of 2024 so that we can launch new initiatives in the tech and digital world.


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