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Test Julien Roué

In his book "Petit Traité des relations humaines", Julien ROUÉ kedger shares his advice on how to avoid relationship pitfalls in everyday life.

🚀 His background

I graduated from PGE Kedge Bordeaux in 2006, with a gap year in New York and an exchange in Auckland, New Zealand. I started with 2 years in auditing at PwC, before joining the real estate company Covivio as a financial analyst on real estate projects and then asset manager.

I then joined the SCOR group (in 2013) for 5 years as an asset manager on projects to buy, sell, lease, manage and restructure office buildings.

During the last SCOR year I trained in coaching in parallel and in 2018 I created Haussmann Leadership Consulting (HLC) in partnership with the headhunting firm Haussmann Executive Search. HLC's business was coaching managers, executives and their teams, as well as training.

I then sold HLC in January 2023, and at the same time set up Manedger in which I developed a more specific offering to support SME managers in coaching and business strategy, in addition to a range of offerings identical to HL.

📚 His book, his passion

The "Petit Traité des relations humaines" deals with the subject that is both one of the most central in our lives and often one of the least mastered: human relationships. All our daily lives are rocked by these relationships and at every level (personal, professional and societal) and yet we too regularly get our feet tangled in the carpet.

This book is an accessible, concrete and pragmatic guide (with a touch of humor) that aims to help decipher the interactions that shape our lives through everyday scenes. The aim is to help people regain control over their relationships.

I co-wrote this book with Frédéric Demarquet, who was one of my teachers on a specific approach that literally revolutionized the way I see the world and relationships: systemic thinking. This approach has been such a transformation for me, that I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

In my opinion, human relationships are the heart of the reactor, the source of both the greatest dramas and the greatest joys. The ambition of this book is modest but profound: to contribute, however modestly, to improving our relationships and strengthening our mutual understanding in a polarizing world.


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