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Selling or renting easily and without an agency? This is the promise of the startup Aimmoz, founded by two graduates of KEDGE

Ely and Jean-Baptiste are the founders of Aimmoz, which offers individuals the opportunity to sell or rent their property themselves, facilitating the process and without agency fees! Graduates of KEDGE, they are also incubated at KEDGE Entrepreneurship.

The Aimmoz project began in 2019 when Jean-Baptiste, in his last year of a Master's degree at KEDGE, put an apartment for sale in Bordeaux. For mainly financial reasons and like 1 out of 3 French people, he did not want to go through an agency but to sell it alone. This is when he came up against the difficulty of looking for a buyer himself; this requires time and knowledge that he did not necessarily have.

A few months later, while working for Savills, a leading British commercial real estate group, he visited trade shows dedicated to new real estate technologies. He then discovered many services, without those being directly accessible to individuals.

With Ely, his long-time sidekick, they made the link between this observation and the experience of selling the apartment: why not put all these new technologies at the service of private individuals to help them sell their property. Without agency, but easily, quickly and at the best price?

This is how Aimmoz was born, to help individuals sell their property. Without commission, commitment or mandate, thanks to innovative service packs including estimation, professional photo report, virtual visit & 2D plan, writing & publication of advertisement etc.

All that's left for the owner to do? The visits. The fixed price starts at 490€, with the Aimmoz guarantee; the client is reimbursed if his property is not sold.

The aim of Aimmoz's revolutionary approach is to allow individuals to regain control over their real estate and to make it simple, fast and financially accessible. Aimmoz is selling yourself, but not alone.

Aimmoz, which has just launched its activity at the beginning of April, is the result of a long-standing friendship between Jean-Baptiste and Ely. They met in their first year of business school at KEDGE in 2013. They studied, lived together, and traveled together during their studies. They also worked in the same company in commercial real estate, before launching this project.

Jean-Baptiste worked in residential real estate in Barcelona and then in commercial real estate in Paris, where he also took a 4-unit training course at the Institute of Law and Economics applied to real estate. After an experience in car financing for a major car manufacturer, Ely worked with Jean-Baptiste in commercial real estate in Paris, within a large British group.

How did KEDGE help you become what you are today, and how did its teachings help you in the development of your project?

It is thanks to KEDGE that Aimmoz was born. Simply because we met at the beginning of the 2013 academic year. From then on, we studied together, but also travelled and lived together as part of our studies. We never left each other's side, until we found ourselves in the same company just after our respective end-of-studies internships.

Throughout our studies, we had the opportunity to travel, to learn, to discover... thanks to the courses given at KEDGE, to the partner universities abroad, but also during the various internships integrated into the program. This multiplication of experience has above all taught us to adapt. Adapting to different cultures, to other ways of life and new ways of working. This adaptation is probably our greatest strength today; from the initial idea to our current offer, we have evolved enormously, adapting to the market and to everything we have learned from it.

Since the beginning of March, we have been incubated at KEDGE's Business Nursery; a nod to our common history, which began nearly 13 years ago. This support has helped us progress and grow, thanks to its many facets.

Their ambition does not stop there. Indeed, the founders are already planning to develop their activity to also assist individuals in buying, moving as well as saving on their housing expenses . A great challenge, when we know that real estate is the first expense of French households.

An important social commitment for a startup that is just as important from an environmental point of view. Aware of the impact of the real estate industry on greenhouse gas emissions, Jean-Baptiste and Ely have committed Aimmoz to contribute to the ecological transition of the real estate sector. Beyond digitizing the processes as much as possible, Aimmoz contributes to reforestation by allocating part of its profits to projects supported by Reforest'Action.

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