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Season 2, a brand therapy program founded by KEDGE graduate Sixte Nicolas

After 15 years as a consultant in various agencies, Sixte founded Saison 2: a structure that offers companies strategic and creative coaching to develop their identity, their discourse and their brand strategy.

With a background alternating between corporate communications, B2B relational systems, employer branding, branding... Sixte has consolidated an expertise in commitment : employee commitment to the corporate project, audience commitment through brand content strategies, brand commitment to the world around it...

" Commitment is based on the authenticity of the brand promise. The big groups I've worked with often end up adopting start-up arguments to make themselves attractive : "agility", "disruption", "human scale"... Conversely, more modest brands try to make themselves look bigger and more impactful than they are! It was to resolve this paradox and combine the best of both worlds that I created Siason 2: we propose to work on the brand in a more direct and personal way, in touch with those who make up the company's personality ".

A few sessions to put your brand in play

In concrete terms, Saison 2 designs tailor-made workshops for its customers, led by consultants who get the customer's board or team to work on their brand issues. In just a few sessions, we question perceived positioning, explore opportunities, select the visual or semantic modes of expression that convey the vision or ambition... then Saison 2 derives from this work a visual identity, a brand discourse and all the communication fundamentals for a singular and coherent brand, online, in stores or in content.

" Far from being "cosmetic", workshop work enables us to settle with the customer strategic dilemmas left in abeyance, to establish consensus between functions (Marketing, Sales, HR...), to involve the core team in the deployment... The exercise is as valuable in itself and for the success of the project, as the deliverables themselves ".

Reinforcing the brand at key moments

According to consultancy firms, between 20% and 80% of a company's value lies in its brand intangible capital. It is therefore in Celle-ci's interest to materialize and reinforce this capital at critical moments of development or growth.

" Indeed, this is where our approach comes into its own: when a company's project changes scale, encounters more serious competition, needs to engage employees more strongly or extend the corporate culture to new subsidiaries, it needs to share a common brand argument to prospect more effectively... Often, we help our clients become a company brand and not just a product brand. "

2023/2024 targets

In 2023, Saison 2 initiated branding initiatives for its major corporate clients : rebranding of a tourism holding company following a major acquisition (naming, logo, visual territory, mission statement); marketing the offer and telling the strategic story of a branch of Engie; formalizing the 5-year strategic roadmap for a leading construction company...

From the autumn onwards, the aim is to gain greater visibility with SMEs, ETIs and scale-ups, notably through partnerships with the structures that support them: gas pedals, investment funds, associations...

Are you in this situation, or can you help spread the word about the Season 2 program? Contact Sixte Nicolas or follow Saison 2 on LinkedIn.


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