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Personal experience:  Laurent Ortega, a graduate of KEDGE’s ISLI continuing education programme

Testimonial of Laurent Ortega, 2021 ISLI graduate (continuing education), now National Procurement & Sales Support Manager at Les Mousquetaires Group.

A graduate of KEDGE’s ISLI continuing education programme Laurent Ortega tells us about his career, the training he received at KEDGE, and, in hindsight, what it has allowed him to achieve. An inspiring journey resulting from getting a new perspective through additional training.



Hello Laurent. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Would you please tell us briefly what job you held before you took KEDGE's continuing education programme and what that position entailed?

Hello, and thank you for contacting me. I've been working for IKEA France for almost 15 years in various positions related to supply - both in shops and at the corporate office. My role now consists of managing a team whose primary mission is to ensure optimal availability of products by respecting the following principle: the right product, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity... and at the lowest cost! 


You decided to pursue further education and attend KEDGE Business School’s ISLI continuing education programme. What motivated you to take this decision? Did you feel that you needed to progress, deepen your knowledge, or did you want to specialise?

I discovered this career somewhat by chance and I was fortunate to be able to navigate in a field that is constantly evolving. And one in which teams work towards a single goal every day: customer satisfaction. I wanted to give myself a new challenge, so I decided to go back to school in order to acquire a broad knowledge of the entire supply chain. The programme offered by KEDGE fully met my expectations as it touched on the different areas of the sector - from strategy to optimisation, via the organisation and coordination of the supply chain links. The format of the programme also meant that I could combine my professional life with my classes.


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What direct benefits do you feel you gained from completing the programme? Did it help you access new career opportunities (job advancement, new responsibilities, etc) in the short- or medium-term?

This course not only helped me to strengthen my knowledge of purchasing, but I also gained understanding and insight into the various supply chain roles. In addition to the theoretical aspects we learned, the course gave me food for thought in terms of the supply chain of tomorrow, new technologies for production, distribution, and much more.

After completing the course, I was eligible for a new position with another company in the retail sector and applied various points covered during the course from the very outset. 


How was the course conducted? What are the main experiences/memories that left their mark on you? Looking back, would you do it again?

Going back to school after years of working can be frightening. However, being with people who are in the same situation, coming from different supply chain professions, is very enriching. There was a real sense of group bonding from the very beginning, which lasted throughout the year. Alternating between group work, individual research, and practical applications made learning very fun for all participants. Moreover, the courses are taught by instructors from the profession who combine theory and practice in a very effective way. Despite the complicated period caused by COVID-19, the courses were adapted so that they could be delivered by teams as well as in person. The entire teaching team was available throughout the course to provide support and to assist us in the various steps.

Looking back, I don't have any regrets about deciding to do this. Both from a professional and a personal point of view, this course not only taught me new things but it also provided me with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, all of whom had the same desire to grow and succeed. 


The professional world is increasingly changing, which demands making a constant effort to acquire new knowledge and keep skills up to date. What type of profile would you advise taking KEDGE's continuing education programme? How does this type of training programme factor in personal and career development?

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge. In addition to the tools that are available, this one-year course provides the opportunity to meet and exchange with other professionals in your field, but who come from different areas (transport, logistics, etc. - from small- and medium-sized businesses to large-scale distribution). Whether for professional reasons (desire to advance) or personal reasons (to deepen one's knowledge), this programme is suitable for all profiles.


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