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KEDGE graduate Nicolas Felger climbs Morocco's 7 highest peaks

In 3 days / 2nights, our former kedger achieved this feat in extreme weather conditions.

🎓 Nicolas Felger, international adventurer and lecturer

🏃Nicolas, a top-level sportsman with a STAPS degree, continued his studies at KEDGE, where he joined the Master in Sports Management. This program was instrumental in launching his career, but he also : "It was also marked by the power and solidarity of the KEDGE network. These values have been reinforced over the years, notably by the worldwide scope of today's KEDGE BS alumni network."

After his studies, Nicolas held positions of responsibility for over 10 years. In 2011, he decided to change direction and relaunched his career as: " Certified NLP Professional Coach ". His goal: To help companies deal with the challenges linked to the development of their human capital. 💡

💬 "Today, as an international lecturer and adventurer, I'm known for my taste for taking risks and surpassing myself. With my team, we have created"CHANGE EXPERIENCE", an innovative lecture-show that is unique in Europe. I give more than 80 corporate conferences a year in over 12 countries around the world.

In addition to his speaking career, Nicolas is a true adventurer at heart! He has achieved many feats, from the most daring to the most demanding. He has swum from France to Switzerland, climbed Europe's highest mountain and swam across Gibraltar. 🏊‍♂️

And that's not all! Last December, he achieved a whole new feat 👇

🧗 Climbing Morocco's 7 highest peaks

🏔️ In December 2022, with a team of experts specially assembled for the expedition, Nicolas Felger completed a winter ascent of Morocco's 7 highest peaks in just three days and two nights, under extreme weather conditions.

💬 " An extraordinary human, physical and psychological adventure ". He and his team had to overcome a multitude of constraints and difficulties, transforming this expedition into an ordeal as powerful as it was perilous. "Between acute mountain sickness, physical pain, extreme temperatures, technical challenges, night passages with headlamps, omnipresent ice and nights sleeping at zero degrees, I had to draw deeply on my physical and mental resources to hold out and make it to the 7th summit," he recounts.

"Each of these feats has pushed me to go even further, to push my limits and set myself new goals, new challenges!

These "out of the ordinary" challenges, these moments of surpassing oneself, are not only personal feats, but also a collective success. I could never have done it without the strength of a team, with my partners and family. A way of demonstrating, once again, that Man is always capable of transforming the impossible into the possible, even in moments of extreme difficulty." 💪

🚀 And what are the next challenges?

🏊‍♂️ Last month, Nicolas swam his 3rd continent , from Asia to Europe, and for 2024, he plans to link America to Asia. The biggest challenge of this new crossing will be "beating the cold, in a water temperature, which will be between 3 and 5 degrees."

Then there's a great project on the horizon: the Boliviana 2024, in duo with one of its partners. An ecological and humanitarian race, taking place in Bolivia between 3660 and 4500 meters of altitude, over 300km and 6 days of racing! 🤝

🎥 Experience the climb on video

To contact Nicolas FELGER :

👉 Website:

👉 E-mail:

👉 Linkedin: https: //érencier/

👉Facebook: https://web.facebook .com/CoachNicolasFelger/

👉 Youtube channel: https: //


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