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Meet Alexis, KEDGE alumnus and wealth advisor in Paris

Alexis Nouailhac graduated from KEDGE Business School in Marseille in 2016 and just launched the Parisian branch of LLB Conseil & Patrimoine, a family firm, where he works as a wealth advisor.

After obtaining a Bachelor's in Law from Lille 2, Alexis began his studies at KEDGE Business School in 2013 and held several internships, which enabled him to acquire a number of skills which he still uses today. 

"I started my career in England, at AGA Rangemaster, where I worked during my gap year. I put in place a strategy to develop sales leads for one of the company's brands in France. This helped me develop a client-oriented approach and I learned the keys to business development." Alexis explains. 

He later conducted an internship as Area Manager at FINDUS, in order to develop his sales skills in the mass retail industry, which he believes has the most ferocious negotiators on the market. 

After receiving his diploma, he joined LLB Conseil et Patrimoine, where he trained for several months. After working his way up and achieving seniority as an advisor, he took the opportunity to open the firm's branch in Paris. 

Located on boulevard Haussmann in Paris, Alexis' firm offers its clients several types of services related to wealth management. The firm distinguishes itself from other actors in the field in the way it manages its accounts. "We showcase our clients and our advising services. We strive to be fully transparent and are committed to telling our clients about every aspect of our product, including the less attractive ones. Our clients purchase our product, knowing all the facts, so there are no bad surprises in the end. Additionally, we place a great deal of emphasis on thoroughly following up with our clients so that they receive a real high-end service." Alexis explains. 

The recent graduate is passionate about his job, as he explains "What makes this job so enriching is that we are supporting families who really trust us, who tell us their aspirations, their objectives, and the difficulties they are facing. We help them put in place a wealth management strategy so that they can achieve their goals."

If you ask him how his degree in Marseille helped him, Alexis explains that "KEDGE Business School helped me realise that skills are not enough - they are crucial, but what helps you stand out it what I call "customer service", supporting clients after they have purchased your product. Don't be afraid to take risks, to go off the beaten path, to carry out your projects."

Alexis is convinced that it is important for members of the alumni network to support one another, so he is offering all KEDGE alumni a free wealth and tax assessment. Don't hesitate to contact him at:!

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