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Marine, the Kedger for whom adventure is an antidote to illness

Marine Barnérias, a Kedger who is battling an illness has become an explorer, writer, presenter, conference speaker, and producer!

From 2013 to 2015, Marine Barnérias studied at Kedge Business School at its Marseille campus. During her master, she specialised in innovation management services, crisis management, and in the management of people and teams.


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Learning how to live with "Rosy"

At only 21 years of age, the life of this young and dynamic student was shaken wen the doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis (MS). This autoimmune disease affects the central nervous systems and produces lesions on the brain which provoke motor, sensory, and cognitive perturbations. In the long term, these problems can become irreversible.

 For the moment, the condition “Rosy”, as she calls it, has not progressed any further. “The word disease makes me a little annoyed, because I find it ugly. I prefer to say that when Rosy came into my life, she poked me all over and I bled more than I thought possible,” she explained. However, Marine decided to fight it. “Nothing is fatal. And I really believe that. It’s true that one might not get better, but that can also go well.

Simone: Marine Barnérias

"When you’re 21 and someone tells you, "You’re going to stay in a hospital bed, and your future will be confined to a wheelchair...” - I had to tell myself that I would never give up." As a result of a trip, Marine Barnerias was able to tame her illness.  Discover her incredible story.

Posted by Simone Media on Wednesday, 20 June 2018

After this devastating diagnosis, the young woman decided to let everything go and take an exceptional trip! She launched herself into her project “Seper Hero” with the aim of getting to know herself by questioning her body, spirit, and soul.

Through this project, Marine wants to "bring positive energy and a confidence in life to each patient".

After the diagnosis, the adventure!

Once she had financing for her trip, she set off on a journey made up of three stages (New Zealand, Myanmar, and Mongolia) to find herself and re-centre to tackle her illness.

For the first part of her trip, she went to New Zealand, with its oceanic climate and fabulous countryside, and spent time alone with nature. It was in New Zealand that the young explorer decided to rename her illness, because “Rosy” was with her every moment on each stage of her trip. For her, it was a way of being done with the word “MS”: “It was paralysing me on the inside and keeping me from progressing.”

For the second part of her trip, Marine went to Myanmar to discover the extremely mysterious and unknown, but fascinating, country. To finish her trek, she went to Mongolia to live with the one of the Tsaatan tribes and crossed the steppes on horseback. This long journey spent together allowed them to get to know each other better and face life in a different way.

This young woman returned with an incredible experience to tell Sept à Huit:


An autobiography that is a success

When she got back, and after a proposition by an editor with Flammarion, Marine began writing her book “Seper Hero, le voyage interdit qui a donné du sens à ma vie. (Seper Hero, the forbidden journey that gave meaning to my life.)

In 2017, her book was named in the 10th edition of the literary prize: Prix Paroles de patients, (Patients' Words Award). It awards authors whose work focuses on the disease itself, or on the life of a patient, a carer, or those close to a patient. The book also won two other awards: 

  • “Prix Coup du Cour”, Ile de Ré book festival.
  • “Prix Coup du Cour”, René Caillé book and travel writings 2018

"Without this disease, I would have passed by my life [...] I would like to for people to retain from my story that which we are all capable of doing, we all have fears that slow us down but we have to believe in our dreams and in that little voice, in our head ... " said the young woman.

And now, presenter at France Télé and manager of a production company

Today, Marine Barnérias is a presenter for the France Télévision  group where she hosts a show called "Magazine Littoral", a magazine for seafarers. This show takes you from Dunkirk to Saint-Jean-de-Luz to meet all those who live from the sea or who are simply passionate about it. Every Saturday at 11:30 in Normandy and in the Pays de la Loire, and every Sunday at 12:55 in Britain, with a replay Tuesday at 9:20 in all of France.



"I'm not a journalist, I don’t come from the TV world at all, so I the because I'm passionate about the human element, meeting people. It's a magazine for seafarers. There are interviews, we have discussions [...] I want to succeed in sharing, to popularise this little prominent universe, to make it accessible," Marine told us.

Passionate and excited, Marine has also recently embarked on the creation of her own production company called Mooji Smile, and wants to produce a documentary that will be released in late 2019 on the big screen!

Always ready to help where needed and enthusiastic, Marine also conducts public speaking conferences and speaks to companies, associations, and universities.

A huge congratulations to this Kedger for her incredible journey!

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☀️Rendez vous pour la nouvelle formule LITTORAL 🌎 #france3 #france3bretagne #lecachalotdulittoral #toutaappeendre 🙈👍😊 ▶️🔜 @marine_barnerias Quand on commence un nouveau projet un nouveau boulot ou carrément qu’on découvre litérralement un univers comme pour moi à la rentrée.. ça fait toujours flipper... Peur de ne pas être à la hauteur quand on ne connaît pas du tout ou l’on met les pieds.. ou tout simplement envie de trouver une place qu’on ne peut pas avoir tout de suite car on doit apprendre à la créer. Au final je me suis rendue compte que quoi qu’il arrive, le plus important est de rester fidèle à qui l’on est intérieurement ! Je vous donne rendez vous le 23 septembre pour le lancement de l’émission littoral :) ! J’ai tout à apprendre et à découvrir dans cet univers. 🌎🙏💫💡 Pour le moment 6 émissions ont été tournées et j’ai eu un plaisir fou a découvrir et à apprendre déjà une multitude de choses. J’espère que j’arriverai à vous partager ces moments de la manière la plus vraie et authentique même si à la télé c’est pas si simple ;) J’attends vos retours positifs comme négatifs ;) ! 👍 We work in progress pour créer une nouvelle émission afin de mettre le mieux en avant les profils que je vais avoir la chance de rencontrer !!!!! Rendez vous le 23 septembre pour découvrir la nouvelle formule littoral !!!!!!! Yalllaaaaaa

Une publication partagée par Seper (@seperhero2016) le

(Appointment for the new marine formula france # france3 # france3bretagne #lecachalotdulittoral #allappear 🙈👍😊 ▶ ️🔜 @marine_barnerias When you start a new project, a new job, one literally discovers a universe as I did in September. It's always scary ... Fear of not being up when we do not know at all where we should place our feet .. or to simply just want to find a place we can’t have right away because we must learn to create it first. In the end I realised that whatever happens, the most important thing is to remain faithful to who you on the inside! September 23rd is the launch of the maritime show :)! I have everything to learn and to discover in this universe. 🌎🙏💫💡 At the moment 6 shows have been shot and I had a great time discovering and learning a lot of things. I hope that I will be able to share these moments in the truest and most authentic way even if it’s not so easy to do on TV;) I'm waiting for both positive and negative feedback;)! 👍 We have work in progress to create a new show in order to show the best profiles that I have the chance to meet !!!!! See you on September 23 to discover the new coastal plan!!!!!!! Yalllaaaaaa




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