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KLB Group, a committed partner for KEDGE graduates and students!

With a community of 65 KEDGE graduates within the Group, 23 of whom are expatriates in Canada, KLB Group supports KEDGE students and graduates throughout their careers.

KLB Group, an operational consulting firm with expertise in support functions

Founded in 1995, KLB Group is now present in 6 countries with over 700 employees . A specialist in support functions, with a particular focus on Purchasing, Finance and HR, KLB Group supports its customers in the implementation of their projects through performance plans, the provision of expertise and outsourcing projects .

💬 " Our aim has been to build a group that is resolutely different from other consulting firms, capable of supporting its customers in the complete realization of their projects and enabling them to achieve their objectives in France and internationally. From day one, the growth dynamic has been set in motion. " -

KLB Group is constantly on the lookout for new employees and offers a wide range of career opportunities, including permanent contracts, in the purchasing sector in France, Spain and Canada. 🌎

An ongoing commitment! KLB Group again awards scholarships to two KEDGE students

On December 4, 2023, Alexandre de Navailles, Managing Director of KEDGE Business School, welcomed Mathieu Dominguez, Managing Director of KLB Group, a partner company of the school, to the Paris campus for the presentation of two scholarships. 🤝

For the second year running, KLB Group has awarded scholarships to two students in the Purchasing Management program. The scholarship was awarded on the basis of social criteria, in conjunction with the KAP equal opportunities team .

The students receiving the scholarship in 2023:

- Lamaie DABI, a Master 2 MAI student on the Bordeaux campus

- Antonios Azerghutas, Master 1 MAI student on the Paris campus

The award ceremony also gave the winning students the opportunity to meet Mathieu Dominguez, Managing Director of KLB Group.

KLB Group remains a valuable partner for KEDGE graduates, offering ongoing support throughout their careers. The recurrent awarding of scholarships illustratesKLB Group's concrete commitment to education and equal opportunities. 👏

🇨🇦 Want to move to Canada?

🎥 Watch the replay of our latest webinar with KLB Group:

"Expatriating to Canada on a buyer's mission".


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