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KEDGE offers you TASK™ certification: the TOEIC of sustainable development

Special offer in connection with the KEDGE Alumni For Impakt network!

🧑‍💻🌿 Benefit from free TASK™ certification:

"the TOEIC of sustainable development!

For the second year running, KEDGE in partnership with Sulitest is offering its alumni the chance to be among the first to be TASK™ certified. 🚀

Take advantage of this partnership now, by passing this new certification for free! 🌿

What's in it for you?

  • 🌎 Be among the first to be certified to this new international standard
  • 🧠 Measure your level of knowledge on an increasingly important topic
  • ✨ Enhance your vis-à-vis future employers (CV, LinkedIn...)

✍️ Registration form

If you are interested, please fill in this form before May 12 👇

  • 🧑‍💻Vouswill be invited to an online session, and you'll have 2 weeks to take part between May 20 and June 02.
  • 🕐 The assessment lasts 1h20(112 MCQ-type questions) and is taken online.
  • 🎯 Your score will be between 0 and 100.

🌿 TASK and Sulitest presentation:

TASK™ is a robust, certifying measurement tool on an individual's sustainability knowledge. TASK™ is composed of 112 questions organized according to the Sulitest Knowledge Matrix inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the work on planetary limits (Steffen, W. et al. - 2015) and that on the Doughnut Economy (Raworth, 2017).

Sulitest 's mission is to improve understanding of sustainable development issues by providing online tools and support to universities and organizations. Sulitest is aUN-recognized movement, and its tools are used by numerous economic and academic players around the world.

🎓 KEDGE Alumni for Impakt

The KEDGE Alumni For Impakt network is designed to unite KEDGE Business School graduates who are already contributing or wish to contribute to the ecological and social transformation of organizations and different business sectors.

The two main objectives of the KEDGE Alumni for Impakt network are :

  • 🤝 To bring together: Enable networking between alumni... and increase our impact by promoting synergies!
  • 💡 To inspire: Enable the sharing of career paths and experiences, give a glimpse of singular trajectories... between alumni but also with our students!


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