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KEDGE has signed a partnership with Veepee: with three Alumni working within this E-commerce giant

This past March, KEDGE officially signed its partnership agreement with Veepee, one of the leading French digital commerce companies. This was the opportunity for us to meet three graduates of our school and employees of the Veepee group.

A partnership dedicated to recruitment and job placement 

KEDGE Business School has formalized its relationship with Veepee, the European leader in event-based sales, with the signing of a partnership agreement with Xavier Fabre - Veepee's Director of Talent Development, Marine Aubret - Veepee's Head of HR Campus Management, and Anil Benard-Dendé - KEDGE's Deputy Director-General. This accord is part of an approach to facilitate the integration of KEDGE students into the workforce and strengthens the recruitment and development of Veepee's employer brand, which already plays a role in research and in promoting the school's programs.

This partnership affirms KEDGE's commitment to the French digital and tech sector, in particular Next40, French Tech, and France Digitale. The partnership is also in keeping with our strategic plan, which aims to develop our programmes and keep our students' skills up to date. We are also developing our work with companies to train our students to meet the new needs arising from the changes companies are facing, particularly in the areas of digital, data-driven, mobility, and social and societal issues. - Anil Benard-Dendé, Deputy Director-General of KEDGE

📢 We’ve officially signed a partnership agreement with Veepee, one of the French leaders in electronic commerce. ✍️

For this event, it was our pleasure to welcome Xavier Fabre, Murielle VUONG, Marine AUBRET, Juliette Valade, and Margot Heer to our Paris campus.  

The brand, the European leader in event sales, has already been involved in enhancing the School’s programmes.

Anil Benard-Dende, Marion Depont and Isabelle Blombou Thièrion are proud to honour this collaboration that will strengthen our relationship with the company and boost the employability of our students. 🖇

Meeting with three KEDGE graduates who are now employees with the Veepee group

KEDGE and Veepee signed a partnership agreement on Tuesday, 29 March to formalise their alliance that has been in existence for several years.


 Since 2019, Veepee has validated the quality of Be-U's pedagogy by certifying the school's personal and professional support system for developing students' skills and increasing their employability. 


Now, Veepee wishes to commit itself to KEDGE in a lasting and more structured manner. As part of its human resources and school relations development policy, Veepee wants to work with KEDGE to implement specific recruitment and employer brand actions.


The company employs more than 50 graduates of KEDGE, including: 

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