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KEDGE has partnered with KLB Group. Meet two of our Alumni who work for this leading operations consulting firm.

Last June, KEDGE officially signed a partnership agreement with KLB Group, the leader in operations consulting for support functions. This gave us the chance to meet two KEDGE graduates who are now working for KLB Group.

KLB Group, an operations consulting firm, expert in support functions

Founded in 1995, KLB Group is now active in six countries and has over 700 employees. Specialising in support roles, in particular purchasing, finance and HR, KLB Group assists its clients in carrying out their projects through performance plans, making expertise available, and outsourcing projects. 


"Our goal has been to create a company that is decidedly different from other consulting firms, capable of supporting its clients throughout the full course of their projects and enabling them to achieve their objectives in France and abroad. From the very first day, the growth dynamic was set." -

KLB Group is always on the lookout for new employees and has many permanent positions available, mainly in the purchasing sector in France, Spain, and Canada. View and apply for the current vacancies on their website.

Focus on the partnership between KLB Group and KEDGE Business School which gave rise to the creation of an 8,000€ scholarship

"KLB Group is proud of the partnership entered into with KEDGE Business School as a means of sharing our experience with students, recent graduates, and Alumni. This year, we've decided to strengthen our ties by contributing towards sponsoring students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative is part of our CSR strategy and policy which means that we can make a difference to our candidates who are affected by such challenges.” - Mathieu Dominguez, Managing Director, KLB Group

"The CSR commitment the KLB Group undertook several years ago is aligned with the values of our school, particularly with regard to the sustainable purchasing approach. The involvement of the Group's managers in the teaching process, the support for the financing of studies of the most disadvantaged students, as well as the work opportunities offered in France or abroad, are major advantages for the success of the career goals of our students and graduates." - Isabelle Blombou, Partnerships, KEDGE Business School


Join us on 22 November at 6 pm on the KEDGE Business School campus in Paris for an exclusive presentation by Mathieu Dominguez, Managing Director of the KLB Group, on: 

Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing: How to support your company in becoming certified?

More details and registration coming soon.

Meet two KEDGE graduates, now employees of KLB Group


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