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KEDGE Alumni for Impakt Network: upcoming initiatives for 2023-2024!

Following on from the launch of the network at the beginning of the year, find out about the initiatives and events planned from September onwards.

The KEDGE Alumni for Impakt network brings together KEDGE graduates who contribute (or wish to contribute) to the ecological and social transformation of organizations and sectors. Its twofold ambition is to bring alumni together (by putting them in touch with each other) and to inspire (by sharing their backgrounds and experiences).


With this in mind, we invite you to contribute on three levels, in 2023-24 :

Networking: showcasing career paths... between alumni and with our students!

KEDGE Alumni invites you to contribute to a cartography of all the careers and high-impact professions of its graduates. This map will be progressively updated, and can be shared with all alumni and students for networking purposes.


Kedge Alumni also offers graduates the opportunity to create portraits or podcasts, highlighting the unique career paths of each and every one of them. Our ambition for the coming year will be to develop more portraits and podcasts highlighting high-impact careers.


Careers: supporting the transition to impact jobs!

KEDGE Alumni offers a range of coaching services designed to support graduates' career paths. Our ambition is to expand this offer next year by setting up a dedicated coaching program around impact careers and professions.


At the same time, we're offering those who would like to contribute to the creation of a mentoring scheme to put alumni in touch with each other.


  • 👉 If you'd like to contribute to this mentoring scheme, please fill in the form below.

Highlights: bringing people together ... and raising awareness!

KEDGE Alumni invites you to organize several events (conferences, awareness-raising workshops, etc.) around the ecological and social transition, in conjunction with its various branches in France and abroad, in order to unite alumni around convivial and meaningful events!


  • 👉 Are you an organizer/facilitator of an awareness-raising workshop (Fresque Climat, 2tonnes, etc.), or would you like to propose a conference on a theme related to the ecological and social transition? Please contact Morgane Samuel:

At the same time, in 2023-2024, KEDGE will once again be organizing "Climate Days", for 100% of its incoming students - on its Bordeaux/Marseille/Paris/Toulon campuses. Organized by program throughout the year, these days serve as a first milestone for our students, providing them with essential knowledge on the causes and consequences of climate change, and its impact on the economic world and business activity.


  • 👉 Would you like to contribute to these Climate Days by leading or co-leading Climate Fresco workshops? Please contact Dorian Simon-Meslet:


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