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Run by two volunteer alumni, the aim of this branch is to enable local alumni and students to get together from time to time for afterworks, visits and other convivial events.

KEDGE Alumni has a number of offices around the world, enabling local alumni and students to meet, network, share experiences and have a great time.

Today, we'd like to introduce you to our hosts from the Geneva branch .

Tamila CHAOUCHE TRAPELLA (PGE 2014) & Titouan GUERINON (PGE 2021)

Today, you live in Geneva. What do you like about Switzerland, and Geneva in particular? What makes it different from France?

Tamila: Geneva is a cosmopolitan city where citizens (whether Swiss, dual nationals or foreigners) feel concerned by what surrounds them. Many are involved in clubs, associations or more sporadic charity work. Geneva, like the other Swiss centers (Zurich, Basel, Lausanne and Bern), knows how to appeal to its inhabitants, whatever their hobbies. These cities offer a dense, eclectic and high-quality cultural life. The surrounding area is ideal for hikers, cyclists and runners. 🌿
Last but not least, although a common language and a long history, notably under Bonaparte, link Geneva and France, the city also known as the City of Calvin has its own identity and is determined to uphold it.

Titouan: The environment in Geneva appealed to me right from my first internship. It's a very safe city where life is good. There's no shortage of sporting activities, and whether in winter or summer, hiking and skiing have never been so close.

Tell us a little about your career path: what position do you currently hold? How did you get to where you are today?
Tamila: I started my career in banking, first on multi-asset desks, then on alternative ones.
Today, I'm in charge of development in French-speaking Switzerland for one of the leading providers of solutions for pension funds in Switzerland. The group is called Avadis Vorsorge. It was born out of the spin-off of the ABB Group's pension fund some thirty years ago.
My job is to meet the heads of pension funds and provident societies to establish synergies between their asset allocation needs and the assets that Avadis holds, both in Switzerland and abroad. Pension planning remains a little-known field for the general public, but one that concerns each and every one of us.

As for my studies at KEDGE, they enabled me to live and work in England and the United States. This is still extremely useful in my daily life.

Titouan: During my gap year, I worked for Louis Vuitton in the leather purchasing department in Paris, then I landed a job in the purchasing department of La Fabrique du Temps, Louis Vuitton's watch manufacturer based in Geneva.

Those nine months in Geneva convinced me. After my final year of a work-study Master's degree in Paris, I came back to Switzerland to look for a job.

I'm currently components buyer at Patek Philippe .

What's more, the skills I acquired during my chairmanship of the SimONU association serve me well in my day-to-day responsibilities as a buyer.

You are in charge of the local branch of KEDGE Alumni. What motivated you to apply as a volunteer?

Tamila: Ever since I arrived in Switzerland nearly ten years ago, I've enjoyed taking part in Alumni meetings. A few years later, I was asked to join the team, and together we organized some very successful events, such as the inauguration of the Inter-school galas, and the International Conference at the Hôtel Métropole, attended by Professor Laurent Estachy . 🥂
As the former team gradually handed over the reins of the branch to me, I was keen to share this mission with someone new.

In 2020, during the KEDGE Alumni Cigar and Spirits Tasting event (ndlr at Maison Rhein, a Geneva institution specializing in Havanas established since 1905) I met Titouan, who has since often expressed his desire to get involved in the organization of KEDGE Alumni events. Titouan is a dynamic, enthusiastic and pro-active person. So it was natural for me to ask him to join the branch. We've been working together since 2022.

As soon as I arrived in Switzerland for my internship in 2020, I was curious to see what the Geneva Alumni office had to offer.

An event was organized on the Friday of my arrival. This motivated me to take part in the life of the branch, to enable Kedgeurs, whether settled or just passing through, to get together for interesting events.

What is your fondest memory as an on-air presenter, or the event that left the biggest impression on you?

Tamila: Every event is synonymous with new encounters. I still remember the Swiss Wine Masterclass held at Domaine de Châteauvieux, owned by Philippe Chevrier, a chef and entrepreneur who needs no introduction in Geneva. In addition to the visit to the cellar of this former 16th-century farmhouse and, of course, the delicious meal, I remember the "sabrage workshop", during which we had a few laughs! The visit to the kitchens with chef Damien Coche was also a memorable moment: it's not often you get the chance to lean over the steaming pans of a Michelin-starred chef.

Titouan : My best memory remains the whisky and cigar tasting evening at Tabac Rhein in downtown Geneva. Graduates from several generations, incredible anecdotes and a cloud of smoke billowing from the ceiling. An excellent evening!

What are your ambitions and projects for this new antenna?

The cultural tours are very popular. In addition to a few afterworks, we aim to punctuate the year with several new tours.

We're working to give a new dimension to our events, and to expand the opportunities the Chapter offers its graduates. Alumni of Switzerland: Stay tuned! 🚀

What message would you like to send to graduates and students visiting or living in Geneva?
Geneva has a lot to offer and knows how to surprise its inhabitants and visitors. The branch's events are an opportunity to discover the city behind the scenes. It's a great way to discover Geneva from a different angle, in a very friendly atmosphere. Exchanges with other graduates are enriching, all the more so as there's a real sense of sharing between the different graduating classes - not to say generations!

Whether you're already settled in, or simply curious to discover what Switzerland has to offer, contact us and join our events!


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