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Join and co-create the "Trustworthy AI" Chair of KEDGE and the University of Bordeaux

KEDGE and the University of Bordeaux are embarking on an ambitious research programme aimed at better understanding the determinants of trustworthy artificial intelligence.

In the Chair, two KEDGE researchers will work specifically on the human and social dimensions of trust in technology and algorithms. Become a sponsor of the Trustworthy AI Chair and take part in the co-creation of our research and training programmes.

AI: A threat or key competitive advantage?

At present, user confidence in artificial intelligence is seen as a crucial and indispensable prerequisite for its acceptance and adoption, as well as an important vector of the user experience of this technology. 


In fact, the problems of autonomous decision-making by increasingly complex algorithms may not meet minimum expectations in terms of explicability, robustness, or even quality. 


In partnership with the University of Bordeaux (Labri), our researchers will endeavour to better understand the complex nature of trust in technology and algorithms by:


  • Developing measures to assess the quality of algorithmic decision-making that can be interpreted by humans

  • By advocating social and organisational mechanisms for the acceptance of artificial intelligence

Some of the questions we seek to answer through this research programme are the following:

Will users trust a visible AI more than an AI hidden in another system? Are we more likely to trust an AI that is giving us a loan or an AI that is recommending a product to us? How do we establish bonds of trust in hybrid teams, made up of humans and artificial agents? To what degree do we want to give artificial intelligence autonomy? In other words,  do we want to leave it to machines to read our medical scans?

Become a sponsor of the Trustworthy AI Chair

There are many reasons for companies to be involved in the Chair, from the purely technical aspects to the socio-organisational mechanisms to be put in place around artificial intelligence. More specifically, as a participating company, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your skills in the area of AI, benefit from scientific oversight, and have access to researchers

  • Position yourself as an essential partner in AI

  • Contribute to the development of training courses in line with your recruitment needs and develop your employer brand

  • Be part of a body of leading players as a member of the steering committee

  • Benefit from the visibility associated with the programme while reinforcing your positioning as an innovative company

Chair and tax incentives

The duration of the Chair is a minimum of 3 years. The sponsorship scheme allows for a tax deduction equal to 60% of the amount the company contributes (whether the company is a single partner or a party of a multi-partner agreement).

The leading minds of the Chair

The two KEDGE researchers in charge of the social aspect of AI are Olivier Dupouët and Frédéric Ponsignon.

Olivier DUPOUET is the Senior Information Systems Professor and Director of the new MSc Data Analytics for Business at KEDGE.

Frédéric PONSIGNON is the Professor of Operations Management at KEDGE, specialising in the design and improvement of the customer experience.


The computer science and mathematics dimension of this Chair is led by Laurent SIMON, Professor at Bordeaux INP, researcher at the LaBRI, President of the French Association of Constraint Programming, and Member of the Executive Board of the French Association of Artificial Intelligence.

Do you want to participate in this project? Don’t hesitate to contact:


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