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Jean philippe desbiolles

Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, who holds a Master's degree in Marketing and Finance from KEDGE, has contributed to some of the world's biggest cognitive projects in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors within the IBM group, in Asia and the Uni

Jean-Philippe Desbiolles holds a Master's degree in Marketing and Finance from KEDGE,

has contributed to some of the world's biggest cognitive projects in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors within the IBM group, in Asia, the USA and Europe.

An inspiring journey

With over 25 years' experience, he has been named by Forbes magazine as the "French Doctor Watson". His career is a testament to his commitment to reinventing business by harnessing digital capabilities, artificial intelligence, data and the cloud. After heading the Cognitive Business department in Singapore, working in the global banking sector for IBM Watson Group in New York, and creating the Cognitive Business transformation in France, Jean-Philippe is currently Managing Director of the Crédit Mutuel account at IBM France.

His recent appointment as VP AI Business Development EMEA testifies to his growing impact and international leadership in the field of AI, reinforcing his contribution to IBM's strategic growth in a geographically diverse region such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Expertise shared with the public

Jean-Philippe is also the author of two major books: "L'AI sera ce que tu en feras: les 10 règles d'or de l'intelligence artificielle" (AI will be what you make of it: the 10 golden rules of artificial intelligence) and, more recently, "Humain ou AI? Who will decide the future?". These books aim to demystify the nature of AI and objectify our position within this new Human-Machine collaboration.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jean-Philippe is a regular speaker at leading conferences, addressing topics such as AI, digital transformation, ethics and technology, and teaches in various educational programs to executives and managers of major international groups.

His expertise covers all aspects of digital transformation and cognitive reinvention, with a deep conviction that cognitive technologies are redefining the fundamental relationship between humans and machines, opening up major opportunities for business transformation.

📚 His works

"Human or AI? Who will decide the future?

Edition Dunod (March 2023)

"AI will be what you make of it. Les 10 règles d'or de l'intelligence artificielle", Dunod Edition (August 2019)

💼 Kedger first and foremost

Kedge is a very good memory that I made in 4 years, since I did my national service between my 2nd and 3rd year. I found it an extremely rich place of learning with a diversity of teaching that allowed me to develop diverse interests, as the courses changed every semester. This was a real asset in my career path, as it gave me a broad perspective on different and complex subjects, a real advantage for starting a career in consulting, the field I chose after my studies to pursue a more technological path.

KEDGE was a real investment for me, both financially and personally. The ROI has been to learn, to develop my skills, my knowledge and my know-how.

🎓 KEDGE, orientation post

My time at KEDGE has played an essential role in my career path. One of KEDGE's strengths lies in its hands-on approach to learning. Concrete projects, real-life case studies and interaction with industry professionals gave me a valuable perspective on real-world challenges. This enabled me to better grasp specific customer needs, understand expectations and translate them into real technological transformation projects.

Diversity is also one of KEDGE's great assets. I think being exposed to different cultures, mindsets and personalities during my studies unconsciously influenced my choice of an international career.

🎯 And the future?

With my new role as VP AI Development EMEA my goal for the future is to best serve our customers, always focused on operational excellence, continuous innovation and the strategic positioning of our organization as a leader in the AI field.

🚀 Your expert advice

I'll give 3 tips:

  1. Cultivate the "Life Long Learner" mindset, open to questioning your knowledge, assimilating new knowledge and constantly integrating new skills. An appetite for endless learning will guarantee you essential adaptability in an ever-changing professional world.
  2. Be daring! Anything is possible, so don't be afraid to explore new areas and push back your own limits with a bold mindset.
  3. Adopt the maxim that "DOer" is right. Action is the key to success. Be the doer, because it's by taking action that you turn your ideas into reality and pave the way to success in your career.


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