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J'Irai Boire Un Verre Avec Un Alumni: a get together between students and graduates to highlight the careers of our Kedgers.

Since March 2022, six students from the Grande Ecole Programme have taken up the torch of the "J'Irai Boire Un Verre Avec Un Alumni" project, which consists of interviewing graduates to discuss their careers since leaving the School.

Carried out as part of a Pro-Act, this student project involves meeting KEDGE graduates, in France or abroad, with non-standard career paths. The purpose is to spend quality time with them and to make them accessible to our community of students and graduates.


The J'Irai Boire Un Verre Avec Un Alumni" (“I’m sitting down for a drink with an Alumni”) is carried out by six students in KEDGE’s Grande Ecole Programme: 

  • Armand LABBE (GEP, M1)
  • Agathe NICLOU (GEP, M1)
  • Alexia DEVEAU (GEP,M1)
  • Berenice DE LAQUINTANE (GEP,M1)
  • Mathilde KRIGER (GEP,M1)
  • Pierre WATTIAUX  (GEP,M2)

The objective of this project is to let Kedgers know about the different career paths taken by former students of the School. 

16 interviews to discover

16 videos are yours to be discovered, mainly on the YouTube channel, which let you understand, in an entertaining way, the careers of a Koh Lanta contestant, an AI director at IBM, and a video producer and mental coach.

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