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Iris Cottrau-Lejeune, Kedger from the Class of 2018 has founded La Maison Lejeune, organic problems from the Aquitaine

KEDGE graduate Iris Cottrau-Lejeune promotes the work of environmentally-friendly winemakers and products in her shop, La Maison Lejeune, located in Bordeaux.

🍷 Maison Lejeune in a few words

Maison Lejeune wants to be the leading delicatessen/wine shop for organic products in New Aquitaine. In our shop project in Bordeaux, we offer a selection of products produced with respect for the environment and your health in mind. Help us finance our worthwhile venture!

🎓 Your background and time at KEDGE

I started studying communication and press relations in Paris and Dublin. After I finished a one-year Master's programme in New York, I wanted to continue my studies in English and learn more about the world of wine that I had just discovered. 


In September 2016, I started KEDGE’s Master in Wine & Spirits Management programme to increase my knowledge. After that, I received sommelier training as well as in service, sales, and wine tourism by working for prestigious houses. The idea of creating a business that reflected my values became increasingly prevalent so I recently decided to launch my own business because I had a growing desire to do something that was entirely my own. 

💼 More than an education, a passion

When I first started at KEDGE, I was only familiar with French wines but that year I discovered a host of regions that I hadn't known before. In terms of knowledge and tasting skills, KEDGE helped me remove my blinders.


I also discovered biodynamic agriculture, which was a completely foreign concept to me. Already concerned about the depletion of resources and the future of the planet, biodynamic agriculture seemed to be a real alternative for wine producers. This attraction led me to write a thesis on the challenges of biodynamic agriculture for wines. Now, I'm opening a wine shop that showcases the work of these very exceptional winemakers. 

🌿 Biodynamically grown products

Maison Lejeune aims to be the leading delicatessen/wine shop for organic products in the New Aquitaine region. In my shop in Bordeaux, I want to offer a selection of products that are created with respect for the environment. Not only have I selected products in which I believe, but I’ve also selected producers who work hard every day to respect their land 🇫🇷


I can't describe my actual job because being a business owner would be very ambitious at the moment. In any case, that's what I'm aspiring to do and am trying to put everything in place so that I can fit perfectly in the role.  

Follow, discover, and participate in the progress of Maison Lejeune via social networks 👇🚀

🚀 Future goals and development

Initially, in 2020, my plan was to open a wine bar with biodynamic grown and natural wines. Then, Covid came along and my project took a different direction. Maison Lejeune won’t have an on-site tasting area but that is something I really want to develop in the years to come.

💪 Any advice?

"Don't be afraid" has been my motto that since I set out on this venture. The creation of this company has convinced me that fear is a feeling that should be welcomed with open arms. When you have the itch to do something, you have to go for it because our instinct is to always stay in our comfort zone. But, as Nelson Mandela, said, "I never lose; either I win or I learn”.

👉Contribute to the opening of Maison Lejeune in Bordeaux by supporting Iris Cottrau-Lejeune via her fundraising campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank!


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