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Interview with Murielle Vuong, KEDGE graduate and now Head of Sustainability at Veepee

This past March, KEDGE officially signed a partnership agreement with Veepee, one of the French leaders in e-commerce. This gave us the opportunity to meet Murielle Vuong, a graduate of the school and an employee of the Veepee group.

Tell us about yourself and your time at KEDGE?

After graduating from KEDGE (Bordeaux) in 1999, I began my career in event communications because I had discovered the behind the scenes operations of the Tour de France during my first-year internship.

I then built my Marketing Communication career in a media company and a luxury goods company. More than thirteen years ago I went to work for the major European e-commerce actor Veepee. I was responsible for managing events in Europe and, for several years, I guided my team and our service providers to make these relatively short-term projects more sustainable.

After taking a backpacking break for a few months, I decided to align my personal convictions with my work by creating my position as Head of Sustainability at Veepee. My knowledge of the company and its structure, my experience in creating and managing operations, and my ability to learn and relate to people made it possible to handle this challenge! 


You’re now working at VEEPEE as Head of Sustainability. Would you tell us about your job and its challenges?

We included sustainability in the company's strategy In 2019, moving from a regulatory approach to CSR to a voluntary approach. I defined the scope of our commitments that are in line with our DNA:

  • favouring the second life of products and the circular economy ;
  • controlling our environmental impact;
  • promoting diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.

I worked with business experts to develop the group's commitments for 2025. Today, I am leading the action plan while also promoting a CSR culture internally.


More than 50 KEDGE graduates currently work at Veepee. Can you explain why VEEPEE attracts so many graduates?

The appeal of Veepee to KEDGE students is the result of a long history of cooperation: participation in forums, round tables, coaching sessions, juries, and numerous internship and work-study opportunities.

As the European leader in online event sales, Veepee offers a number of different positions that give young people the opportunity to improve their employability. We also give them the chance to constantly update their skills in the fields of technology, logistics, sales, marketing, production, and sales operations, amongst others, to meet the challenge of providing the best shopping experience for our 66 million members in Europe. Working at Veepee also means investing in a career (more than 630 positions within the Group). It also means employees have the possibility of working in other positions at a later date due to our numerous mobility opportunities.

Finally, by joining Veepee, you will be part of a human adventure (5,500 employees in Europe and Brazil, with an average age of 31) at the centre of digital issues and, increasingly, CSR issues.


KEDGE and Veepee have just signed a new partnership to strengthen their cooperation. What do you think your company can offer our students and graduates (opportunities, business sector, etc.)?

With this new partnership, Veepee is pursuing its existing commitment to promote a more inclusive society by working on the employability of young people through:

  • inspiring students via our career path/career presentations;
  • allowing students to experience real business issues through workshops, practical case studies and challenges;
  • supporting young people in the construction of their career and their choice of career orientation (mock interview workshops, be u jury);
  • offering internship, work-study, and recruitment opportunities.


What advice would you give to our graduates and students who would like to work for us at VEEPEE?

Working for a company with inspiring values and vision will let you will find meaning, motivation, and a sense of fulfilment. Creativity, adaptability and confidence are the soft skills of the leaders of tomorrow!




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