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Interview with Kristell Le Gallais: A graduate turned Business Angel at YPIK

YPIK supports and accelerates the development of high-potential start-ups, by promoting meaningful projects. Kristell, a kedgeuse, supports YPIK by investing in one of the accelerated start-ups.

🎓 Can you introduce yourself?

"I'm Kristell Le Gallais, who graduated from KEDGE Business School Bordeaux in 1997. After graduating, I embarked on a professional career in the healthcare sector, where I held management positions in clinics specializing in mental health for many years. Currently, I'm also a Business Angel, involved in supporting young entrepreneurs and innovation."

🚀 How and why did you become a Business Angel and how would you describe this activity?

"Becoming a Business Angel was a decision motivated by the societal issues and challenges we face today. After selling shares in a company, I felt the need to support innovation and young entrepreneurs. For me, this activity is a constant watch for new opportunities and a sharing of expertise and resources."

💬 In three words, describe your experience at Ypik.

" Professional, Corporate and Ethical Club."

🤝 What attracted you to YPIK compared with other investment clubs?

"As a KEDGE graduate, I thought it was only natural to join this investment club. KEDGE is a top-quality educational structure that integrates entrepreneurship into its DNA. The start-ups presented by YPIK are often incubated by the school, which creates interesting investment opportunities while supporting and developing the school's network. It's a win-win situation.

🌿 How was your experience with Mao Boa (Start-up supported by YPIK and founded by KEDGE graduate Maxime Marchand)?

"I had the opportunity to attend several presentation pitches and meet Maxime Marchand, the founder of Mao Boa. In my career, human resources issues have always been very important, which is why Mao Boa particularly caught my attention. My role was to assess the company's potential, support it in its development and accompany it at every key stage."

👀 What are your next steps and prospects regarding your future plans within YPIK?

"My aim is to participate in the development of YPIK to democratize investment in start-ups by KEDGE graduates. I want it to be an active lever of financing and success for KEDGE's entrepreneurial ecosystem, while offering investment opportunities for alumni."

✨ What advice would you give to entrepreneurs?

"I advise them to be realistic, test their business model thoroughly and work assiduously on their network."

✨ What advice would you give to someone wishing to become a Business Angel?

"To become a Business Angel, you need to have a taste for risk, and take the time to study projects and the people behind them. It's crucial to determine in advance your level of investment and acceptable loss, and to diversify your investments over several projects."

About YPIK :

YPIK, the platform created by 2 Kedgers, supports and accelerates the development of high-potential startups, by promoting meaningful projects.

It facilitates the fund-raising in the seed phase (Pre-Seed or Seed) of companies mostly created by KEDGE graduates, giving them access to participative financing solutions.

With an investment (minimum €200), you support innovation and employment, and capitalize on strong prospects for added value. What's more, you'll be eligible for income tax relief .

Invest in the future and contribute to the growth of an impact start-up.


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